Boko Haram and the CIA Connection

The West to destroy Nigeria before 2015

The West launched a PR campaign for its leaders in Africa. Michelle Obama, Carla Bruni, Angelina Jolie and their ilk demand the captured Nigerian girls should be released. Where were they when the West was killing Syrian children? Is it all a prelude to deploying American troops in the country that is the richest with hydrocarbons on the African continent? read more

Afro-Celtic: The ancient Celts and their African roots

Linguists say a study of Irish and other Celtic languages has produced possible evidence that when the Celts invaded Ireland and Britain there were already Afro-Asiatic speakers here. Celtic languages – Irish, Scots Gaelic and Welsh – incorporate grammatical traits found in Afro-Asiatic tongues that are otherwise unrelated, according to research published last week in Science magazine. read more