How Nigeria Doctors Defeated Ebola with Water

How we treated Ebola patients with no drugs or vaccines – Prof. Akin Osibogun, CMD, LUTH

How was that possible without vaccines or drugs?

We needed to understand what was the pathophysiology of the virus. I mean what it causes in the body. Once there is a high fever, the patient starts losing water, fluid and electrolytes because the high fever drains the fluid. Once there is diarrhea and vomiting, the patient loses even more fluid and electrolytes and the patient starts going down. By the time it gets to the stage that the patient is bleeding, you have lost that patient, because he has lost so much. But if you catch them early and as they are losing the fluid, you are replacing the fluid, not necessarily IV, just put a lot of oral dehydration therapy with the patient and be encouraging him to be drinking it, you are replacing the fluid being lost and got them healed without vaccine. read more