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Q: Is there a membership for the blog?

Currently, there is no membership for Rasta Livewire.

Q: How do I place advertisement on the blog?

We are currently offering advertisement opportunities for individuals, business, and organizations. You can buy your ad space directly via the blog.  Please contact us directly with questions about advertising on Rasta Livewire.

Q: Do you offer professional research service?

Yes, we do offer a professional research service.  Whether you need assistance in research or need to supplement your research to an external source, you may contact us directly.

Q: Are we available for interview?

You can contact Rasta Livewire with your request for interview as well as media appearances.

Q: Do we assist with homework?


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24 thoughts on “FAQ”

  1. I would love to see an article written on your website about Mary Seacole, the Jamaica doctoress and nurse. Mary Seacole was a black woman who travelled all overyy the world healing and curing people of their ailments. And she even taught them the importance of hygiene and served in the crimean war where she funded herself.

    Now, there was an albino name Florence Nightingale whom the albino nursing establishment praises as the first nurse and she too served in the crimean. Nightingale was even creditted with teaching albinos the importance of hygiene. How can this be when albinos thought it was wrong to take regular baths. Where did this idea about hygiene come from?

    Thus it is my personal belief that either Nightingale was a fiction of white imagination or they just gave her credit for everything Seacole ever did. Seacole wrote a book called the adventures of mrs seacole in many, many land where she documented everything she ever did. I would like black people to learn about this important figure in our history. RACE FIRST.

  2. Hi, Dear Rasta Man,,

    I would like to offer you by attach a copy of a published article in the book “global crisis vs. regional growth,…” (wseip, polonia- nebrija, madrid 2011) centered on Sabali Patience by Distant Relatives as best global recipe to heal our world under human crisis. It would be wonderful if you could find a fresh Korner for it within your D.R. net- worlds. It contains wize, opening eyes books like Waking the Tiger, Healing Traumas, by Peter A. Levine, and triggering thoughts for restless, curious, creative minds. Actually, I concentrated long years of instinctual trauma research on it! Also, It might be helpful at the time of exposing some of the multidisciplinary academical groundz touched/implied by D.R., as well as some of the iberian/global echoes produced by its magik truths!

    THK Y ALL SO MUCH for your inspiring thoughts and best Raz-Info!

    PD. Please tell me how I can send you a copy by attach for Kommunity read it out freely!

    Love, Respect & lots of free Education!

  3. Dear Rastaman,

    I was unable to locate your “contact us form.” At the following link you can locate articles that you can freely publish on your website. These articles are written by Chinweizu, a professor and a pan Africanist, will be of great benefit to many us in the struggle for our African identity.


    I have copied their “feel free notice” for your benefit.

    “Feel free notice
    Please feel free to fwd this document to any Pan-African persons, or to publish and reproduce it, unedited and in its entirety, to the Pan-African community, provided you credit the author, do not change, cut or add any word or otherwise mutilate the piece, i.e. publish as is or don’t at all.
    If posted at a website, please email a copy of the web page to sundoor999@gmail.com
    For print media use, please obtain prior written permission, and then send two (2) copies of the publication wherein used, to Chinweizu, P. O. Box 988, Festac Town, Lagos, Nigeria.”
    For an e-copy in MSWord, please send to
    For further information please contact Chinweizu
    All rights reserved.
    © Chinweizu 2010
    Note to Editors
    Please feel free to publish this piece, unedited and in its entirety,
    provided you do not change, cut or add any word or otherwise mutilate the piece, i.e.
    publish as is or don’t at all.
    For an

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