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Last update – 12:06 21/03/2008

Shattering a ‘national mythology’ By Ofri Ilani:

Of all the national heroes who have arisen from among the Jewish people over the generations, fate has not been kind to Dahia al-Kahina, a leader of the Berbers in the Aures Mountains. Although she was a proud Jewess, few Israelis have ever heard the name of this warrior-queen who, in the seventh century C.E., united a number of Berber tribes and pushed back the Muslim army that invaded North Africa. It is possible that the reason for this is that al-Kahina was the daughter of a Berber tribe that had converted to Judaism, apparently several generations before she was born, sometime around the 6th century C.E. read more

Barack Obama Speaks – God, Race and Country

Transcript of Obama speech
By: Barack Obama
March 18, 2008 02:22 PM EST

“We the people, in order to form a more perfect union.”

Two hundred and twenty one years ago, in a hall that still stands across the street, a group of men gathered and, with these simple words, launched America’s improbable experiment in democracy. Farmers and scholars; statesmen and patriots who had traveled across an ocean to escape tyranny and persecution finally made real their declaration of independence at a Philadelphia convention that lasted through the spring of 1787. read more

Human Diversity: Pale Skin/Black Genes

Tracing human diversity through the ages
By Lisa M. Krieger
Mercury News
Article Launched: 02/22/2008 01:35:17 AM PST
A coalition of Stanford scientists has released the most detailed road map yet of human diversity, offering insight into the emergence and restless migration of the world’s populations. read more