The Bla-Maors – The Black Vikings And The Black Danes – Compiled by Invasion2012

This illustration of Viking Varangian troops near Moscow is from the chronicle of Skylitzis, he was a Greek historian, dead c. 1100

A Description of the Black Vikings of Europe By Renowned European Writers – Compiled By- Invasion2012

“blá-maðr, m. A BLACK MAN, NEGRO, i.e. AN ETHIOPIAN, Al. 51, Orkn. 364 (referring to A.D. 1152), distinguished from the Saracens and Arabians; three ‘blámenn’ were sent as a present to the German emperor Frederic the Second, Fms. x. 3: in romances blámenn are mentioned as A KIND OF ‘BERSERKERS,’” q.v., Finnb. ch. 16, Kjalnes. S. ch. 15; cp. Scott’s Ivanhoe, note B. See AN ICELANDIC-ENGLISH DICTIONARY by Richard Cleasby and Gudbrand Vigfusson(1874) read more

Gaddafi and the United States of Africa Project

Gaddafi and the United States of Africa Project

Now that Muammar Gaddafi has assumed the chairmanship of the African Union despite manipulations and whispering campaigns of Western interests [twice, Western interference has thwarted Gaddafi’s access to the AU chair] the usual arguments are being trotted out in the Western press to ridicule and diminish the goals of African unity. He is being excoriated by the usual suspects as ‘erratic’ and ‘impractical’ with unnamed African ‘leaders’ thrown in the mix expressing ‘distrust’ of Gaddafi’s ‘agenda.’ read more

The New Black Caucasians – Changing Meaning of the Caucasian – By Lion!

The New “Black Caucasians” – Changing Meaning of the Caucasian –
New Caucasian Delusions

In 1937, Caucasians were defined as “the white division of human beings so called because the people are from the Caucaus mountains. They were taken from the highest type of the human family, the circassians, Jews, Armenians, Hindus and Persians.” See Webster’s 20th century Dictionary unabridged, 1937. read more

Weird Sexual Attraction: Caucasian Men Sleeping with Hairy Yeti Women

Caucasian Men Sleeping with Weird Hairy Yeti Women
A Report from Pravda:

A sensational incident took place in the Chegemsky Gorge of the Northern Caucasus. Researchers found evidence to prove the existence of Bigfoot in the area. Local residents say that Yeti females – people refer to these weird creatures as the Almasty – come into contact with humans and even attempted to have a sexual intercourse with local men. read more