Black Arab Kuwaitis and White Arabized Kuwaitis

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Black Arab Kuwaitis

The arabian gulf is full of black people from Kuwait, Iraq, United Emirates to Saudi Arabia. Those Black people are often indigenous to the Gulf. There are prominent aboriginal black gulf arabs, in places like United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. Even today, many senior members of the Kuwaiti Royal family are black Kuwaitis. If one were to judge, it is possible to view Kuwait as a black country due to the preponderance of black people in the country.


Black Kuwaities in Kuwait often call each others “Khaly”. The word “khal” means an Uncle or a Black man. As such “Khaly” means My Uncle, or my Blackman, in the United States some Black youth would say My NiGGa.

Most black Kuwaitis express a silent type of solidarity towards one another. They identify strongly with each other. For example, in any customer service indusry , you would notice that once a black man approaches, he gets a special treatment and gets called “Khaly” by all the black Kuwaitis employees even if he were the same age or younger than the employee .

It is almost like some secret love bond.

Discrimination and racism

Complains of racism has been heard but this is considered as rare. It is possible to find the one off occassion where racist prejudices are displayed. Some white or lighter skinned Kuwaitis tend to call black Kuwaitis, abd (slave). This is term is considered pejorative by the Black Kuwaitis.

Because Kuwait like the rest of the Gulf is predominantly peopled with ‘black arabs’, it would not make sense that dark people are ‘racist’ against other dark people. Additionally, Islam is a very anti-racist religions and racial prejudices are unacceptable in the public sphere. As such many present day Africans from modern African countries live and thrive in the gulf. There are millions of Somalis and Sudanese and Ethiopians present there.

The discrimination that one sees is not a case of colour but more of class. As in any society with so much emphasis on material acquisition (due to the oil wealth), the poorer classes are generally considered as inferior and unfortunate. Thus lots of prejudiced attitudes are surreptitiously directed at the poor and the working class.

Whereas, many poor Indian, Philipino and other Asian and African immigrant workers complain of being treated as if they were not worth anything of value by the arabs of kuwait, many rich African muslims and traders, and other higher income Asian visitors come to Kuwait and are received like kiths and kins.

Pale Arabized Kuwaitis

Most of the arabian gulf arabs including the Kuwaitis are dark in colour. The arabs that are paler complexioned are arabized people. They consist of Syrians and Lebanese and Jordanians who moved into Kuwait in the Islamic era. They are not seen as the true arabs and many of their ancestors are mixed with ancient Romans and Greeks.

Due to the political agenda of the western world, and the gullibility of the global mass media consumers, the face of the pale arab has come to represent the archetype of today’s arab.

There was even a time (1960s and 1970s) when the social and political circumstances used to favor white Kuwaitis more than black Kuwaitis. Presently the new generation of Kuwaitis are much more educated and opened minded. Color and tribe are no longer major divisive issues between Kuwaitis.

“Being a black Kuwaiti, I remember when I was a kid … some girls teased me and never played with me. But now, most Kuwaitis don’t care about a Kuwaiti person’s color,” noted Dalal, an employee at NBK.

Sheikha Ali, a pale skin Kuwaiti noted that she is against color discrimination. She added that even though this type of discrimination still happens, it is not so common unlike before. “Two of my best friends are dark Kuwaitis,” she added.

The government has an official policy against any kind of discrimination between white and dark Kuwaitis.


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17 thoughts on “Black Arab Kuwaitis and White Arabized Kuwaitis”

  1. the reason arabia is filled with blacks is because of the islamic slave trade that started over 1000 years ago ang continues to today. it is still common for tribal cheifs in iraq to have black slaves(mostly young girls) who have been kidnapped or lured in by promises of a higher paying job in a forieghn country

    1. i think you got this one wrong. please don’t over generalize. some of the blacks that live in the gulf was brought their as slaves while other came volunteerily, and a certain segments always live in arabia, especially in the region called tihama in saudi arabia and yemen.

      1. Thats part of white supremacy thinking. Anywhere you see a black man outside of Africa then he was brought there as a slave. Very ignorant and racist. They fail to realize that blacks in these places were the indigenous population who were gradually displaced/obsorbed by other arrivals

    2. This is a lie. Arabs and Africans were blood brothers until the Arabs became Tainted by the European. Arab betrayed the African and saw more opportunity for money with the European. You must read your history to find out why there is so much hate from the European to the African. The African and Arab when they were war partners were able to Keep the European astray until the Arab and Africans started fighting over land, women, power, and gold.

      African became Slave to Arab after Arab joined European and saw more opportunity for wealth. The African warned the Arab of such relations and the Arab is paying for their wrongdoing until this day.

  2. Look in works of Cheikh Anta Diop,J.A.Rogers,& Ivan Van Sertima one will find
    mention of the “so-called Arabian penisula”as being black for eons until whites
    came from Russia,Iraq,& Afghanistan creating a “mulatto type”.

      1. My man!!! I am Rico from America and I’ve been in Kuwait for some time now. I’ve, been reading through all your post and man fascinating information. I think you are all right in some way or another. As, black Americans or Africans as they want to call us we were the first people of this wonderful earth!! I don’t have a raciest bone in my body, what I do have is a zero tolerance for ignorance!!! Racism is something that’s taught you’re not born with it. I love all my people especially my black brothers and sisters whether you’re light skinned or dark skinned. The only people that are white are white people Africans and African Americas are just that with just some of us are lighter than others. Well enough of that I love you all and God Bless and God Speed!!!!

  3. How do you get white prople from 120 degree heat of the sun? The original Arabs are dark. Sure there was slaves but he Arabs were always dark before slaves. The lighter skin came from mixing with the greeks and romans. It’s simply science. More sun = a darker race, Less sun = a lighter race. In 1000 years you fools will say that white south africans are the original people in south africa and that the blacks came for work and made them darker.

  4. ALL major religions preach tolerance and brotherhood. Islam is, of course, no exception. But just as with Christianity, many of Islam’s adherents are virulently racist. The term “abd” (slave) is used in Arab societies universally as a pejorative for Blacks, and publicly expressed racism is COMMON.

    This article is a crock.

    1. The three Abrahamic faiths all conspired to enslave Africans .
      There is no difference between any of them . These putrid religions all contain contradictory scriptures that do nothing
      but keep it’s followers confused and misdirected so that it’s
      corrupted leaders can easily manipulate them into mindless
      soldiers for their own agendas . Race hatred , degradation of women are just a few of the many evils that all these religions
      are responsible for the last 2000 years .

      1. I kind of agree Ken. That’s why I’m happy for my new spiritual awakening. I’m starting to study African religions, specifically ones my ancestors practiced. I watched a voodoo ceremony on youtube and was fascinated but at the same time afraid. Partly afraid because I still have “massa” on my shoulder telling me that what they’re doing is satanic. I’m having a hard time breaking old habits. I still believe in God and always will but I’m starting to branch off and learn more about spirituality than Christianity’s simple concepts. Buddhism is another religion I’m starting to get into. While it’s not African in origin, I still find it intriguing.

        1. According to first hand accounts of Cambodians, Burmese etc Buddha and his cohorts at the time were dark skinned people with ‘curly hair’.
          The influence of the original sapien on culture and religion across the globe is undeniable and known to many locals of the Asiatic region and even people in the America’s. It has however been calculatedly oppressed and wiped out of historical publications by the Euro supremacists..

        2. @killian you are wrong Buddha was a darksin man aka African from a royal Indian family he had twist in his hair look at the statues.

  5. The use of “my nigga” is never acceptable. Unfortunately, many of the urban youth assume this offshoot of a racist word that was used to denigrate Africans descendants in the U.S, is supposed to be cool. It is not.

  6. White man will tell you any black person outside African got there as slaves. People need to free themselves of the White supremacy agenda. I despise White Neanderthals and their descends.

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