Black African Origin Of The Ancient Greeks (Part 3) – By Anu Mauro

The Black African Origin of The Ancient Greeks Part Three


Anu Mauro


Abas, King of Argolis and grandson of Danaus, was so renowned a warrior that after he died rebels against the royal House could be put to flight by displaying his shield. He married Aglaia, to whose twin sons , Proteus and Acrisius he bequeathed his kingdom bidding them to rule altenately. …. read more

Black African Origin Of The Ancient Greeks (Parts 1 and 2) – Dr. Anu Mauro

Black African Origins Of The Ancient Greeks Parts 1 and 2

By: Dr. Anu Mauro

It was common knowledge in ancient times that the Greeks were a spin-off of ancient and most revered Ethiopians. The Greeks themselves recorded their much vaunted relationship with the ancient Ethiopians heros in their holy books which narrate accounts of mythological Ethiopian derived heros such as
Hercules, Persus, Athene, Cassopia, Andromeda etc. read more