Oguejiofo Annu: Europe is about to burn over Ukraine

The events of today in Ukraine have convinced me that a new war is about to break out in the heart of Europe. There is a struggle for the soul of Ukraine between its Russian protected ruling Party led by President Yanukovych versus the oligarchs puppets protected by the European Union led by Julia Tymeshenko, a billionaire ex-prime minister of Ukraine now in prison for corruption. Klitchko, the former world heavy weight champion is allied to this movement. read more

Nigeria And Ethnic Petty Nationalities

Do you identify yourselves as members of an ethnic group that your great-grandparents did not. It is very unlikely that your great-grandparents regarded themselves as Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Efik, Ogoni, Tiv, Kanuri or [insert name of applicable ethnic group from the list of 250+] in the manner than you do today. When Nigerians engage each other in bitter ethnic battle, the extent to which the effects of colonialism still holds them captive becomes apparent. read more