The Origins of the Ethiopian State – By Prof Ayo

The Origins of the Ethiopian State
Prof. Ayo

The Ethiopian region extending from East Africa to the Upper Egypt was settled in the early Palaeolithic period. As a result of climatic change, the different tribes of Ethiopia were forced to live in the savannas surrounding the Nile. They become hunters, fruit gatherers and fishers. The drying up of the savannah during Neolithic period resulted in mass dispersion of the population to the different parts of Africa, the Middle East and southwest Asia. Some Ethiopians migrated towards the southern parts of Africa in the direction of Congo and Zambezi basins and others went towards the west along the banks the river Oya (Niger). In the most ancient time black people inhabited the northern part of Africa and the Middle East. The Sumerians were black people who lived in Mesopotamia. The indigenous inhabitant ants of the Indian sub-continent, the Dravidians, the original inhabitants of Australia, Tasmania, and Polynesia, New Zealand are all black people. read more