Jamaica to decriminalise marijuana possession in ‘enlightened approach’ to drug laws

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The Jamaican government has announced plans to partially decriminalise possession of small amounts of marijuana, in what governmental officials are describing as a more “enlightened approach” to drug laws.

The Justice Minister Mark Golding said the cabinet was supporting major changes to the laws would see marijuana, known locally as ganja, be decriminalised for religious, medicinal and scientific purposes.

“Cabinet approved certain changes to the law relating to ganja,” he told a news conference on Thursday. “These relate to possession of small quantities of ganja for personal use, the smoking of ganja in private places and the use of ganja for medical-medicinal purposes,” he said.


The changes are expected to be approved by parliament in September.


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One thought on “Jamaica to decriminalise marijuana possession in ‘enlightened approach’ to drug laws”

  1. If it is going to be used for religious, medicinal and scientific purposes in a legal way then I am all in for that. Just as long as its legal then I have no problem with how people use marijuana.

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