Shiva Ji, The Black Dreadlock God of India: The Black Gods of India – Hinduism By- sodhi ram, Dhan Sant Gurdev

The Black Gods of India: Shiva Ji Dread-locks God of India
By- sodhi ram, Dhan Sant Gurdev

February 26, 2009

It was the almighty Bhagwan Valmiki who invented sanskrit and wrote the Ramayan ten thousand years before the birth of aryan rama. In the Ramayan it is a battle between aryans and (anaryas) as they are called. Lord Ravana was a raksish. He also had black skin and was a native Dravidian of India. read more

How the British Albions Corrupted Nigeria – Adapted from the works of Harold Smith

How the British Albions Corrupted The Nigerians – Adapted from the works of Harold Smith

Colonial Rule, Corruption, Secret Services, and Societies

The politics of the colonial regime are employed in the selection, destruction and manipulation of the leaders of the native people… To this end in Nigeria a highly efficient intelligence service operated both through the administration who routinely completed intelligence reports and through the army, police and special branch. The Labour Department also played a key role…. read more

Indian Slaves In South Africa – Indian African History


A little-known aspect of Indian-South African relations

Soon after Jan van Riebeeck set up a Dutch settlement at the Cape of Good Hope in 1652, to supply provisions to Dutch ships plying to and from India and the East Indies, people from India were taken to the Cape and sold into slavery to do domestic work for the settlers, as well the dirty and hard work on the farms. read more

One Humankind – HIM Haile Selassie I Speaks

I would say that at the Conference of Heads of African states, that was held last May,in the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, before the signing of the Charter, I have told, in the speech I have made to the distinguished heads of state, that people who were formerly under colonialist regime, and who have suffered a great deal, must have the great strength of wanting to collaborate with their former masters for otherwise, through vengeance and remorse, co-existence would not be possible and this would be detrimental to the preservation of International peace.  read more