The Solution Given By Emperor Haile Selassie I

The basis of racial discrimination and colonialism has been economic, and it is with economic weapons that these evils have been and can be overcome. In pursuance of resolutions adopted at the Addis Ababa summit conference, African states have undertaken certain measures in the economic field which, if adopted by all member states of the United Nations, would soon reduce intransigeance to reason. I ask, today, for adherence to these measures by every nation represented [here] which is truly devoted to the principles enunciated in the charter. read more

William (Bible Bill) Aberhart and Social Credit Monetary Theory in Practice

On Aug. 22, 1935, William (Bible Bill) Aberhart swept into power in Alberta, taking 56 of the provincial legislature’s 63 seats, on his promise to pay “social credit” dividends to every Albertan. A Social Credit government, he said, would pay $25 a month to everyone over 21 (and lesser amounts to everyone under 21) – a pledge of windfall purchasing power equal (adjusted for inflation) to $402 a month for every adult in the province. read more