The Moorish Cities of Lagos in Nigeria and Portugal – Jide Uwechia


By Jide Uwechia

Georges Jansoone – Self-photographed Miniature drawing of a caravel from 16th century; Museum of the Forte da Ponta da Bandeira; Lagos, Portugal

The capital of Nigeria and the biggest state in Nigeria, West Africa are named Lagos. Lagos is an Iberic word which means the lakes. The province of Algrave in Portugal also has a city by the name of Lagos. How come the capital of Nigeria is situated in a locality named after a Portugese word is one of those not so known incidents of history. read more

The Raped And Ravaged “White” Children Of Australia – A Psycho-Historical Retrospect

The following article is not an apologia for rudeness and wickedness of the racist culture of Australia. But it does give one an inkling of where the thoughtlessness and heartlessness of it all arose…and it is in the horrible and heart chilling tales of rape and abuse that were so rampant in the history of the development of the so-called white culutre of Australia. Read below an excerpt of the unspeakable abominations routinely perpertrated by so-called “white” against “white” on the lost and stolen Black continent of Australia…. read more