The Original Black African Arabs of Arabia (Part 1)

The Original Black African Arabs of Arabia (Part 1)


Ogu Eji-Ofo Annu

“If one understood Arab Culture it is immediately apparent that Blackness is highly cherished conceptually and in reality. In Arab culture the best camel is the black one the best Fig is the blackest, the best eyes are black, the best olives are black, the most beautiful rock is the Black Kaaba. Any Bedouin Arab that is asked his color, would undoubtedly respond Asmar or Aswad which means Black/Brown. No Arab ever describes himself as Bidan which means White. ” read more


Monroe N. Work: Journal Of Negro History Vol. I, 1916

A close examination shows that what we know about the Negro both of the present and the past vitally affects our opinions concerning him. Men’s beliefs concerning things are to a large extent determined by where they live and what has been handed down to them. We believe in a hell of roaring flames where in the fiercest of heat the souls of the wicked are subject to eternal burnings. This idea of hell was evolved in the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula where heat is one of the greatest forces of nature with which man has to contend. Among the native tribes of Northern Siberia dwelling in the regions of perpetual ice and snow, hell is a place filled with great chunks of ice upon which the souls of the wicked are placed and there subjected to eternal freezings. This idea of hell was evolved in the regions where man is in a continual battle with the cold. read more

Africa for Africans At Home and Abroad — Hon. Marcus Garvey

Africa For Africans – by Hon.Marcus Garvey 

“Three hundred years ago, no African were to be found in this Western Hemisphere, we were to be found exclusively in Africa. Just about that time a large number of white people (called Colonists) settled in America. They desired laborers to help them in the country’s development. They turned to Asia and were unable to use the yellow man. At that time a man named John Hawkins (afterwards knighted) asked permission of Queen Elizabeth of England to take the blacks from Africa into her colonies of America and the West Indies and use them in their development. The Queen asked. .. “what consideration will you give them?” Hawkins said “They will be civilized and Christianized in the Colonies, for in their own country they are savages and barbarians.” read more