Black Kings of Scotland…. by IronLion

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The primitive race of Scotland was long-skulled, short in stature, and probably very dark in complexion”- RENFREWSHIRE (1912) by FREDERICK MORT, M.A., B.Sc., F.G.S. Fellow of the RoyalScottish Geographical SocietyLate Lecturer in Geology, Glasgow University.

Below you will see:

A Roman General beheading the Celtic King…

This is a detail from a distance slab put up by the II Legion Augusta on the Antonine Wall, found in Bridgeness and now in the National Museum of Scotland:

Note their kinky (Kingly) hair….

“Another group of blacks in the ancient British Isles were the Picts. David MacRitchie called the Picts “Moors” (i.e. black), and then states that it was clear that the Silures were Picts. (Ancient and Modern Britons: a Retrospect, Vol. 3 by David MacRitchie, London: Kegan Paul, Tench & Co., 1884, pg. 187) The Picts are acknowledged as the earliest inhabitants of Scotland. They ruled Scotland for more than 500 years.”

“The Highlanders are generally dimunitive, with brown complexions, and almost always with black curled hair and dark eyes.” (Annals of Caledonian, Picts, and Scots by Joseph Ritson, Vol. II, Edinburgh: Ward D. Laing, 1828, footnote pp. 7, 27)”

Saint Columba an ancient Celtic Holy man born of Royal descent in Britain…

For more see: Black kings of old Scotland

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