The Florida Muurs – Black Indians of the State of Florida

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The statuette would be without the baroque interior design of the Green Vault 1723-1724 did not occur, because it owes its existence to the desire of Augustus the Strong, establish a value of his art collection in the new treasury Museum. This involved a 1581 as a gift from the Emperor Rudolf II. To the Elector Augustus arrived, with sixteen sometimes very large emerald crystals studded chunks of limonitic rock. The dark green gems are from the few years earlier developed emerald mine in Chivor-Somondoco (Colombia). At the behest of Elector August should this “natural wonders” in “Chur-Princely bull and tribal, to eternal Gedächtnüß” be preserved. Balthasar Permoser created for since 1723 in the development conceived Treasury Museum really original presentation of all possible means, the sculpture of a “Moor”. read more