Marc Washington’s Perspectives: Was culture of ancient Roman Empire African?

The Roman Forum, formed in the 6th century BC, gave us the model for our Senate and governmental institutions. However, when discussing the foundation of Rome, never is an African (phenotype given to woolly hair & full facial features) origin considered. This page focuses on the possibility that Rome was settled by African tribes. read more

Africans Contributions to Rome: Black Romans

Africans Contributions to Rome
By Adib Rashad

“….Interestingly, at least ten Africans became Emperors of Rome. They are listed on the historical record as the following: Macrinu, Firmus, Emilianus, Septimius Serverus, Pescennius Niger, Aquilus Niger, Brutidius Niger, Q. Caecilus Niger, Novius Niger, and Trebius Niger who was a proconsul in Spain. Africans were authorities on medicine and they were often quoted by Caelius Aurelianus and Galen. Other noted Africans were Domituis Afer, orator, Arnobius Afer, Christian writer; and Victorianus Afer, a scholar of rhetoric whose statue was erected in the forum of Emperor Trajan….” read more