25th May: Africa Day

25th May: Africa Day

25th May is Africa Day, commemorating the date when the Organization of African Unity was set up in 1963. In July 2002, this organization was replaced by the African Union. 44 years on, what is the significance of Africa Day? Is it just another day, just another cause for the rich and powerful who use Africa to feather their own nests to make another pretty buck or has something actually been achieved? read more

The Original Black African Arabs of Arabia Part 4 (The Black Stone, The Black Tribe of Koreysh, The Black Prophet By Ogu Eji Ofo Anu

The Black Stone, the Black Tribe of Koreysh, the Black Prophet

The Kaaba – the Black Stone

The Kaaba was a pagan shrine of great antiquity which housed the black stone, a meteorite that was probably brought by the Kushitic Black Arabs from Kushitic Ethiopia where such worship was routine. Pagan rites were routinely performed at the Kaaba in Mecca. read more