Black Kushites of Sumer and Akkad – by – Clyde Winters Ph.D

Kushites of Sumer and Akkad


Clyde Winters Ph.D

Controversy surrounding the Kushite/African/Black origins of the Elamites, Sumerians, Akkadians and “Assyrians” is simple and yet complicated. It involves both the racism exhibited toward the African slaves in the Western Hemisphere and Africans generally which led to the idea that Africans had no history ; and the need of Julius Oppert to make Semites white, to accommodate the “white” ancestry of European Jews. read more

Meaning of A Negro and The One Drop Rule : The Laws of Louisiana

Meaning of A Negro and The One Drop Rule : The Laws of Louisiana

Litigation on the subject of the definition ofthe free person of color reached its climax in the year of our Lord,1909, when Judge Frank D. Chretien defined the word Negro as differentiated from person of color as used in Louisiana. The case, as it was argued in court, was briefly this. It was charged that one Treadway, a white man, was living in illegal relations with an octoroon, Josephine Lightell. read more

The Streets of Freetown, Sierra Leone – News/Documentary

S Leone honours Africa slave campaigners
By Yvonne Ndege-Burke and Mohammed Fajah-Barrie
BBC Africa, Freetown
Tuesday, 20 March 2007, 09:41 GMT

As the UK marks 200 years since it abolished the slave trade, Sierra Leone has decided to purge its capital, Freetown, of streets named after the British and replace them with the names of Africans who fought in the abolition movement. read more