When Arabia was “Eastern Ethiopia” Part 2

The Lost Tribes of Ham, Shem and Japhet: How the Afro-Asiatic Heritage was Nearly Lost

Most in the west are mainly familiar with images of high class and wealthy “Arabs”. African-looking Arabians that are indigenous are often isolated from the metropolises of Arabia where populations are descended from diverse intermixtures of the many types of peoples that have occupied the peninsula of Arabia and the same latitudes of northern Africa. Both locations were well known regions of a flourishing slave trade where both “whites” and “blacks” came in large numbers as mercenaries or slave-soldiers, merchants, and slaves from as far away as Bosnia and Central Asia in the North and Central East Africa in the South. Iranian mercenaries for example after the birth of Christ were entering the Yemen or southern Arabia by the thousands in the pre-Islamic era and controlling many of its major capitals. So began the modification of the appearance of the aboriginal peoples of a land once referred to as Kush and Ethiopia and considered part of the Sudan well into the Midieval era (according to Richmond Palmer author of the Bornu Sahara and Sudan, p. ). So also began the transference of falsification of the Afro-Arabian heritage to which we owe the “racist” deformation of the myths of Ham, Shem and Japhet. read more