Charlemagne, the Moor and the Negrito Royalty of the Holy Roman Empire – Marc Washington’s Perspectives

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31 thoughts on “Charlemagne, the Moor and the Negrito Royalty of the Holy Roman Empire – Marc Washington’s Perspectives”

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      1. I descend from him many times in verified lineages. The lines are verified in history and through wills and other documents. Every generation from him to me is verified. How would they have become albino? Is this a common occurrence?

  2. Do you guys know what happened during the “Renaissance Period”? In Wikipedia is states “As a cultural movement, it encompassed innovative flowering of Latin and vernacular literatures, beginning with the 14th-century resurgence of learning based on classical sources, which contemporaries credited to Petrarch, the development of linear perspective and other techniques of rendering a more natural reality in painting, and gradual but widespread educational reform.:

    More likely, it was a period in which history was “whitewashed”. The history of Blacks (Negros) roles in European civilization was erased. Paintings of Black historical figures (ex. Holy Emperor Otto I) painted as white people and artifacts such as statues of portraits were stored away in museum or hidden in the Vatican for no one to know the true story.

    1. … there is also reason to believe assets and estates of these accomplished people were seized. This is very similar to the “Reconstruction Period” which happened after the Civil War in the US…. history repeated itself.

  3. Why do they always follow us???? Ugh! We are trying to uplift our people w/ knowledge of ourselves. I see them comment on everything we put up. They really are some colonizing MFs! #ugh

  4. This is the Hungarian Holy Crown. First time probably used by Atilla the Hun King, and than used by his first borned son Aladár whom became King in western europe.
    Than Holy Crown used by the Hungarian royal family from 1000-1301. (After this Holy Crown remain the Hungarian crown and still it IS.) There is nothing african related here. The Hungarians are an Eurasian nation whom western origin is the middle of the european continent and the eastern origin is the middle of the asian continent.

    Charlemagne as a real person never existed. His story is a made up story. Most likely his figure is from the mixture of Aladár and Atilla. Both of them are Hungarians. In this time called Huns by westerners.

    Europe made by Scythians not africans. And probably always was white-skinned. The color of the Japanese, Korean, Uyghur peoples are white also because they are closely releated to the Scythians. They are actually just as white as europeans. Because europe and asia not really exist. It is the Eurasia instead. And North-Eurasia ruled by white skin peoples from the begining of the times.

    Sorry to messed up your roleplay. 🙁

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