Hail, Emperor Haile Selassie I – Man of the Millenium

Atse Haile Selassie deserve to be the man of the Millinnium.The father of Afrca.He was the first black leader to join the league of nations.The builder of OAU and ECA.There were couple of schools before he got to power in the country.Many schools were built during his time including Etege Menen girls school.You have no idea how he was condemned by many people around him when he built Etege Menen,girls school.Girls at that time were not suppose to go to school they had to get married and be domestic wives at early ages.He gave his own palace to be a university.My Dad told me a story that I would like to share One time when one of the Rases and Atse Haile Selassie passed by Tefre Mekonnen and Etege Menen schools the street was crowded by the students Atse was exited to see all those stdents walking on the street and he pointed at them to the Ras and said” look Ras aren’t they beautiful? yezare Abebawoch ye nege ferewoch The Ras answered “they are future enemies of you and Ethiopia, the good thing Is I will not see them then” . Ethiopia had her first patriaric Abune Baslios during his time.Eriteria became part of Ethiopia during his regiem.By the way Isayas and Melesse went to the high school and university that Haile Selassie opened even though they turned out to be his enemies(bagoresequ ejen tenekesku).He has been blamed of being tribalist. He had son in laws and daughter in laws from diferrent tribes.Haileselassie was Amhara,Oromo and Gurage.I have some lists to proof that he was not tribalist.Orom generals:-Gen Tadese Gebre,Dawit Abdi,Mulugata Bully,Abebe Gemeda,Kelbesa Beka,Tadese Beru.Tsegie Gezmu Gadisa,Jagema Kelo etc.Tigre generlas:-Aman Andom,Mehereteab Tedla,Isayas Mengesha,Yacob,Mebratu Fisha etc.cabinet ministers Oromos Yelma Deresa,Bulcha Demeksa,Amanuel Abrham etc.Tegre:- Abebe Reta,Seyoum Haregot,G.Meskel T. Egzie,Dr. Tesfaye G.Egzie,Dawit EqubeEgzie,Belten Geta Lorenzo Taezaz etc.Haileselassie was not perfect.he had done so many mistakes too.Don’t forget that he had an elementary level of education. I am not trying to jusify his mistake.It’s obvious that he had a much better foreign policy than the internal.I don’t think there is any leader worked better than Atse Haileselassie comparing his times leader in Africa.He is the man of the Millennium! God Bless his soul!
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