Black Indians: Africans of India and Pakistan!

African Indians

Compared to the fate of Africans of the Americas, the history of Africans in India is still largely unknown to the west.

There are small communities like Jambur scattered along India’s west coast. They are the home to the descendants of Africans who arrived on theIndian continent thousands of years ago. Many of them travelled there as mercenaries, merchants and sailors. read more

Different Shades of Black:The Black African Race is the Only Race, the Rest Are Just Different Shades of Black!!!

All humanity derived from common root in African homeland


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Scientific world has finally reached the conclusion that all humans have the same roots and the same place of origin. First Russian archeological expedition going to Northern Iran is hoping to discover world’s most ancient human remains. Scientists will perform field researches in order to determine the oldest location bearing evidence of ancient human migration from Africa. read more

Nigeria Goes Nuclear: News Report

Nigeria to develop nuclear power, says Obasanjo

By Ted Iwere, United Nations, New York

“Nuclear energy has become a veritable source for socio-economic development and a reliable source for electricity generation. We note in particular the global trend for the utilisation of nuclear technology for the generation of electricity, agricultural development, human health and environmental development, especially for developing countries. read more

Ancient Cities and Kingdoms of the East African Coasts — The Black Swahilis

East African Coastal Historical Towns. Asiatic or African?

Jacob L. Kimaryo*


The East African coast is dotted with ruined and extant historical towns of significant cultural importance. Albeit the builders and inhabitants of these towns are known to have been the Swahili, who these historic people were in terms of their origin has been a matter of serious debate since the beginning of the 20th century. So far two perspectives have emerged out of this debate, which respectively advocate for Asiatic and African ancestries of the historic Swahili. read more

The Slaving History of the British Empire: The Outrage of Trans-Atlantic Slave Business

The Slaving History of the British Empire

By Nwa-Amadi Omeife Jideofo

Slavery is an everlasting stain on the history of the British Empire and this story is one which has long antecedents. The earliest recorded account of life in the British Isles came from Roman sources. Rome conquered the British Isle and ruled it between 43 and 453 AD. The Romans enslaved virtually the entire population of Brittany (England) and the other Islands that fell within their grasp. They exploited their slaves in plantations, mines and used them for trade speculations. read more