The Moors In Spain Lyrics – By Prince

The Moors In Spain Lyrics
If this great African culture were alive 2day
We’d b 400 years more advanced
From Arabia they came 2 blossom in Spain
And 2 the beat of the drum they danced
Masters of the Arts and all industry
While France, England and all Germany
Wallowed in the mire of their own bigotry
The Moors were the ones who were truly free
Civilization came 2 Europe thru the Greek
Who were simply Africans who came from the Nile
The Greeks gave it 2 Rome who lost their way home
And it stayed that way 4 quite a while
Under their own misconception of Christianity
The barbaric (?) Europeans suffered greatly
While the Catholic Church was staking it’s claim
The Moors were making great gains
Introducing strawberries, lemons and sugarcane
Algebra, chemistry from the Moors this all came
Their contributions 2 knowledge, 2 numerous 2 name
While in Europe there were no public libraries, the Moors in Spain
Had 70, 600 thousand manuscripts and 17 universities
Not hardly a prisoner in the mind of society
In the Spain the Moors were once truly free
The one who is most gifted cannot lead the way in a world that never respected authority…
The sword of the Moor would have never left its sheath if the longhaired barbarian who
opposed them would have only seen
That 2 win a war against the so-called “black infidels”
Brings about a peace that cannot last
But I guess all’s well that ends well… well it ain’t over read more

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