The African Beatitudes

The African Beatitudes —

adapted from Matt Cap 5

Blessed are the Africans for whose sake the earth was created, blessed are ye rich in spirit poor in material, for ultimately ye shall inherit the kingdom of heaven which shall be established upon the earth in these last days. read more

All Hail The New Leader… Zuma!

December 20, 2007
Survivor Is Poised to Lead South Africa

POLOKWANE, South Africa — When Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma, the man who is likely to be South Africa’s next president, was 21 years old, South Africa’s apartheid government condemned him to 10 years imprisonment on Robben Island, in a cell not far from that of Nelson Mandela. read more

African Ethiopia, Guardian of the Lost Ark

African Ethiopia, Guardian of the Lost Ark

“They shall make an ark of acacia wood,” God commanded Moses in the Book of Exodus, after delivering the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. And so the Israelites built an ark, or chest, gilding it inside and out. And into this chest Moses placed stone tablets inscribed with the Ten Commandments, as given to him on Mount Sinai. read more