Tea Party/GOP Senate Candidate Christine O’Donnell a self-confessed witch: Video

Tea party candidate running on the GOP platform confessed to being a witch, (but it sounds more like a satanist) on Bill Maher TV show way back in 1999. In this video, one hears her talking about her experience with satanic altars, with human blood, and picnics under satanic signs at midnights, the whole shebang! Whao, this two-faced Jesus-loving freak, would-be conservative christian traditionalist, was also at the same time a satanic-loving freak…dancing naked in front of luciferean altars…drinking blood! read more

The African Frankincense: The Beloved Perfume of the Ancestral Guides of Punt

Frankincense Tree
The African Frankincense: The Beloved Perfume of the Ancestral Guides of Punt

By Jide Uwechia

The Catholic church is one of the biggest buyers and users of incense in today’s world. Muslim Somalia, is the Roman Catholic’s Church biggest supplier. The Vatican mostly buys Somalian frankincense, the fabled perfume of the Gods of Punt, to burn for their own god Jesus the son of Mary. read more

The Hidden White Slaves of America: White on white criminality – A Retrospect

… the son of a slaveholder and an almost white slave
who was so white that “the closest obsever could not
detect in his appearance any trace of African descent.”
His father sent him off for an education and trade and
he “married an estimable young white woman, and had
a family of five or six children,” all of this without
“the slightest knowledge of the [ ] African blood in
his veins, and no one in the neighborhood knew that
he was the son of an octoroon slave woman. read more

The so-called Arab Conquest of Africa is a mythology

1) According to Cheik Anta Diop, “no Arab army ever crossed the Sahara in an attempt to conquer Africa, except for the Moroccan war of the sixteenth century. During the period of our study, from the third to the seventeenth centuries, not one conquest was ever launched by way of the Nile: That of the Sudan (modern country), accompanied with the help of England, came only in the nineteenth century. Nor was there ever an Arab conquest of? Mozambique or any other East African country.” read more