The Triumvirate of the Goths: the Babylon Shitstem! – By Lion!

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The Queen of England (First Daughter Pre-eminent of the Goths) and Duke of Edinburgh (Universal Grand-Master Mason Emeritus of the Goths), and Pope Boniface the 16th (Pontifex Maximus of the Goths who conquered Rome and civilization) in England today Sep 17, 2010 plotting….. A picture is worth a thousand words. Behold, the Babylon! Nuff said.


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2 thoughts on “The Triumvirate of the Goths: the Babylon Shitstem! – By Lion!”

  1. No matter how you put it Afrikans have been robbed! The female has been ROBBED!!!!
    These Goths,CAGOTS,CAAS,LEPER,CAVEMAN,CHRISTIAN,MUTANT ALBINO,WHITE so-called RACE,have stolen everything from their creator the HUEMAN BEINGS, they came out of those caves.Look at the dirty cagot queen,and her henchmen,we know when they all meet it means no good for the Afrikan races all over the world.Their titles were stolen,no cagot has rule over anything or anybody.They have stolen our right to rule as the creator has given to her children.One question, who did the Afrikan man & woman pay for this world. Answer NO ONE.Who does this world belong to the Afrikan woman,she is the ruler of the entire world.
    In the book” When God was a Woman” by Merlin Stone page 34-36 speaks of Matrilineal societies being prevailent. It was Diodorus who reported that the women of Ethiopia carried arms, practiced communal marriage,and raised their children so communally that they often confused even themselves as to who the natural mother had been.
    Diodorus described a nation in Libya as follows: All authority was vested in the woman,who discharged every kind of public duty. The men looked after domestic affairs just as the women do among ourselves and did as they were told by their wives. They were not allowed to undertake war service or to exercise any functions of government,or to fill any public office, such as might have given them more spirit to set themselves up against the women. The children were handed over immediately after birth to the men, who reared them on milk and other foods suitable to their age.
    The “Throne” or the title Pharoah(par-o) refers to the Great House one ran by females.It was only from the eighteenth Dynasty that the word was used to signify the royal male of that household.That’s the reason the queen is in power not the king he’s a show piece.They are imitating the ancient rule, the one her 3 great grandmother the Black Queen Sophie had,that’s the only reason elizabeth is in power now passed down through the female line,the HUEMAN female line not the cursed line the CAGOTS.The entire CAGOT royal families are imposters. No CAGOT can inherit anything on this earth is wasn’t given to them, stealing doesn’t count. Matrilineality is generally defined as that societal structure in which inheritance takes place through the female line,sons,husbands or brothers gaining access to title and property only as the result of their relationship to the woman who is the legal owner,the Afrikan woman.” In early society women wielded the main sources of wealth; they were the owners of the house, the producers of food, they provided shelter and security. Economically, therefore, man was dependent upon woman” So we’ve all been played by these CAGOTS. The rule is female, just not this female line.The so-called royal CAGOT families are in for a rude awakening the female is the head and only when she claims what belongs to her will all be put back right.Chaos is reigning because these CAGOTS have thrown off the balance after the great cleansing is over,things will be set as they were in the beginning. We have work to do.If you read it was the CAGOT popes who said these people were clean,but they remain white with leprosy. They have set their accursed selves up as god or dog spelled backward. Was not dog, caas we labeled them. So not we worship CAGOTS the way they worshipped the female. This was the flip flop, time for a flop flip. Revolution to all third eyers.

    1. They sure look like the demons their are, not good for any decent human, Lucifer worshipers if not reptilians. The Rothchilds are their glorified accountants. The guardians of the Vatican Treasure.
      The Queen’s Personal Emblem features the Druidic-Bardic harp and Egyptian lions. During the coronation of British monarchs the following words from Handel’s Zadok the Priest are sung – “Zadok the priest and Nathan, crowned King Solomon.”

      Standard of the Prince of Wales. At his coronation, Charles sat upon a throne bearing a red dragon emblem. His mother spoke these words over him: “This dragon gives you your power, your throne and your authority.” In the year 1992, Prince Charles petitioned the European Union to be made king of all Europe.

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