The Ancient Moors of Abkhazia (The Black Russians) – By Patrick T. English

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11 thoughts on “The Ancient Moors of Abkhazia (The Black Russians) – By Patrick T. English”

  1. The Ancient Abkhazia (aka Colchians) of Georgia/Russia were not Moors. The Moors, descendants of the Libyans (Tehenu, etc.) do not appear until much later in our (African) history. The Abkhazia (aka Colchians) were of the Kheti (Keti) of Nubia. They were, principally, a pastoral group derived from the Nubian population. See p.8 The Literature of Georgia (2nd ed.) – Donald Rayfield for a map listing the ancient names of the Georgian (Colchian) territory – Tasheti, Kakheti, Imereti, abkazia, Ajara, Meskheti, Javakheti, etc. See E.A. Wallis Budge – Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary for correspondences and meaning of Kheti.

    There are NO records of the Moors that appear in our history during the B.C. era. They, no matter their antecedents, only are known during the A.D. (C.E.) era. They are not the Nubians, they are not the Kemetians, they are descendants of the Libyans (Africans, Tehenu).

    1. There is no difference from African and Moor. Moor predates the word Africa and Libya and, the ancient word Moor (M-R) is the name we gave to the pyramids. Moor is as old as Egypt itself

    2. Moors is a description of Black people. its just not used today as such. Your explanation would infer that you cannot call ancient Africans black as black did not use that term until recently.

  2. You are entitled to your ignorance; however, it would be a service to creation that you not spread it. It is apparent that you do not know or understand African history, and that it will not hurt you to learn it. We all start from the place called ‘ignorance’ and through study and learning proceed to a place called ‘knowledge and enlightenment’. As a human being you to have the capacity to get there. Apply some discipline and study.

    Here are ‘must read’ titles:
    Introduction To African Civilization – John G. Jackson
    Wonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Kushite Empire – Drusil D. Houston
    The African Origins of Civilization – Cheikh Anta Diop (for the advanced student of history)
    Civilization or Barbarism – Cheikh Anta Diop (for the advanced student of history)
    Carthage: A History – Serge Lancel
    The Moors In Spain – Stanley Poole (this time pay attention to the dates (chronology))

    Visit the: The Society For Libyan Studies website to get critical research on North African

    Do the work that is required of you and you too came make the world a better place.

  3. Heru-Ka Anu or is Eze Kanu or Hezekaghanu, all meaning divine king or chief, good day.

    Moors are not Libyan descent. Read more about the Moors before you write your self out. Catch me on the main side

  4. Lord Abba El, three words meaning the same thing, two of which is Igbo and Hebrew, Abba and Elu – the high one.

    Moor is not a tribe or was never one until the 9th century. Moor like the Vikings, was never used as a verb and not a noun. They gradually became a noun in the course of time

    1. The word Moor simply means black. It is a German word. It is still defined as black in the German dictionary to this very day. Look it up. The reason why only the black people of Europe during the Moorish period were called Moors is because the Germans became the dominate group shortly before the defeat of the moors. Prior to the German word moor, the Greeks used the word aithiop, and Romans used the word ethiopian. All of which means black. The spanish word negro was silenced by the dominant German tribes until Spain Gained it’s own dominance. The Berbers and the Arabs were simply called Berbers and Arabs by European Europe groups and African groups and never moors. The only group that were called moors were the light skinned mixed Africans. And these mixed blooded Africans were call molattos or something similiar. Please note the “mo” the word. And pronounciation is “Moorlatto”. The reason why the Arabs and the Berbers were associated with the black African Moors is because the Arabs and the Berbers were under the direct leadership and council the black African Moors. These black Moors were the richest and most powerful people in the would at that time. And empire stretched around the world. Including such places as the east, all the Americas, and on through to Japn.

  5. lord abba is a flipflopper who has had 7 religions from 09 -11 now it would make sense when he babbles that nigga boy influence and flipflops when he’s cornered then switches culture and takes the same bullshit with so theres no difference from abba in 09 then he is in 11

  6. You are 100% correct The MR is not the only thing we called ourselves, but There has been some variation of Moor, Mure, Mare, Mauros, Moro, Mauryn, Mauri, Mao, Maui, Tamare, Muros, since 3500 BC (really its much more ancient) just check the tribal names across the globe! Just google these Peoples lol the Truth is OUT.

    Our Moorish phase is just our seafaring phase, which is why M-r is associated with with WATER in 90% of cultures old and new!

    Water is also associated with Melanin, ie the waters of Nun etc. hence Moor or MR or MaRe Mother Son Mason means MelAnin (Melatonin Seratonin etc) to deep? well its a spiritual think

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