The Hippopotamaus that owns the Crocodile: the ancient totemic Gods of Kemit (Africa)

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Sometimes one sees some real wonders in nature that explain just how the universe really works. In the video posted here one sees some hippopotamuses toying with the notoriously visceral and lethal crocodiles without any fear nor hesitations.

The video shows some hippopotamuses romping freely among African crocodiles, even in the middle of feeding sessions. The hippos appear to smell, and lick and then gnaw at the crocodiles’ armor. To crown it all, a baby hippo is even seen treating a croc like “its personal chew toy”!

Crocodiles are known in science as the emblematic cold blooded reptile killers. They are notorious in the wild and are feared by almost all the beasts and men great and small, especially when those beasts and men must drink from the refreshing rivers of waters guarded by armies of crocodiles. Lions, buffaloos, gazelles, zebras all know to keep away from the crocodiles.

But then we know that every big man also has a mother. Every bad person fears and respects some “badder” person.

Which is why the ancients say, that though the hippopotamus teases the crocodile, the old scaly skin knows better not to mess with the giant hippo, the owner of all fresh waters, the incarnation of the god Seth, son of Ra brother of Osiris, the owner of the Nile.

The hippopotamus was widely worshipped in Kemit as an incarnation of different godly entities including the goddess Tauret the power of fertility and pregnancy. Osiris was also known as the god of the Nile and represented fertility and potency. Hence the commencement of the yearly rising of the Nile around the 21st day of the month of July is known as the Dog-Days of the summer.

This name comes from the Dog star which rises on the same day that the Nile begins to overflow. The dog star is originally known as the constellation of Osiris by the ancient Kemitians and the flooding that follows its rising indicates that Osiris is the god of the Nile. The power of the Nile river, and the majesty of its owner was also symbolized by the hippopotamus.

Some claim that the hippo was seen as a demonic animal in Egypt but the ignorance in such claims speak for itself. Kemit was deeper than disrespecting the great animals with slanders. Kemit was so old, mature and balanced that it could see with time-tested eyes, the invisible lights that create the so called darknesses. In Kemit, the hippopotamus was a beloved and revered messenger of the gods.

The hippopotamus was a common figure depicted in Egyptian art and religious symbols. It was worn as protective amulets by pregnant women, some times carved as charmed guardians of homes, sometimes as grave goods, serving as protective figures for one’s journey through the Nile into the afterlife.

After peaking at the video above, it becomes increasingly clearer why so much reverence and awe was given to the hippo animal clans, the owners of the Nile River which created and sustained ancient Kemit and modern day Egypt.

According to National Geographic, scientists don’t know why yet, but hippos (which are herbivores) enjoy hanging around crocodiles during their bloody and ferocious feeding sessions.

Yes, indeed, the hippopotamus is the owner of the crocodile who guards the mouth of the sweet waters. This is confirmed.

And so in the heat of the day, amidst the gore and the blood of the feast of the crocodiles, the vegetarian king hippopotamus, or its young prince, can walk brazenly into the middle of a gang of hungry crocodiles and pull food off their mouths, play with them or pet them. Because just like the owner of a pack of wild killer dogs, the predators know the boss, they know the top dog, they overstand the power and eminence of Osiris, the God of the sweet waters.

Nature teaches us many things. We must keep a watchful eye!

Jide Uwechia
September 15, 2010


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