Cocaine, Coca, and Cola! – By Oguejiofor Annu

The Coca-Cola company, (known as a branch of the American army by the informed), is the only multi-national company in the world that uses coca, (the plant that gives cocaine) to make popular food products on a global scale. To those who may not know, it can do so because it is protected under some “grand-fathered legislation” explicitly recognized by a special United Nations Convention. No wonder then, coke is America’s number one consumer products. No wonder they say “coke is good is for you(u)..ess(s)…aaay(a)…” read more

The Appearance of the Pale man: Year 6000 BC Pt 1 – By Tibikimi Wasini

Between six and seven thousand years ago, signs of disruption began to appear throughout the ancient civilization of the Near East. For nearly a thousand years the cultures of that region underwent a change; a period of regression. As chaos and dissatisfaction grew, problems intensified and the ancient societies of the Near East slipped deeper into despair. Then about 6,000 years ago, the inevitable happened–civilization fell apart. read more