The Black Greeks — (by Prof. Clyde Winters)

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The Black Greeks

To deny the African origin of Grecian civilization the Eurocentrists attack Martin Bernal’s book: Black Athena. This book has nothing to do with Afrocentrism. In the two volumes published thus far, Bernal maintains that Semites from Phoenicia and the Semitic Hyksos speaking rulers of Egypt, took civilization to Greece, not Black Africans.

J.A. Rogers in Sex and Race, Parker, Diop and DuBois on the other hand, are Afrocentric scholars. These scholars have reviewed the writings of the classical authors, the anthropological, linguistic and historical evidence to reach the conclusion that the ancient Greeks were blacks and that the European Greeks learned the liberal arts and sciences from their “black ancestors” who first settled Greece and the Egyptians.

According to the Olympian Creation Myth the earliest groups to appear on earth were the Libyco-Thracians .The Libyans were Proto-Saharans, as were the original Thracians. Some Thracians were descendants of the Kushite and Egyptian troops established at Trace, by Sesostris (Thutmose III or Ramses II), when he conquered Asia and Europe.(Diop 1991; Winters 1983a,1984b,1985a)

Many of the so-called Greek myths are in reality historical texts which show the ancient lifestyle of the pre-Aryans in Greece and the transition from Pelasgian matriarchy to Greek-Aryan patriarchy. The term Amazon was often used by the Aryans to denote matriarchal societies living on the Black Sea. The battle between Thesus and the Amazons, led by Queen Melanippe, records the conflicts between the ancient Aryan-Greeks and the Libyans settled around the Black Sea.

Dr. Lefkowitz (1992) and Snowden (1992,1976) perpetuate the myth that the only blacks in ancient Europe were slaves or mercenaries. This is false the Greek historical works make it clear that many ancient settlers of the Aegean came from Africa , especially the Garamantes and Pelasgians. G. W. Parker wrote that: “I need not go into details concerning the ethnical relations of the Romans, since they, too are Mediterranean and are closely related to the same African confederation of races …[situated in Greece]. Aeneas, their mythical founder of Troy. The Aenead, like the Illiad, and Odyssey and all other of the world’s great epics, is the poetic story dealing with African people”. The heroes of these tales used long shields, the characteristic shields of the Indo-European speaking Greeks were round.

The Eurocentrists attempt to prove there was “considerable cultural and linguistic continuity from the twelfth century to the eight century BC” ,in the Aegean . Yet there is no way it can be proven that Indo-European Greeks have always been in Greece. This view on the continuity between the Linear B Greeks and later Greeks held by Lefkowitz is disputed by Hopper who noted that ” after all, so much which characterizes Minoan Crete seems wholly alien to later Greece, despite the efforts of scholars to detect ‘continuity’ ” ……..

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  1. lets put it this way
    If you were not born from a Greek father to pass down the Orthodox Religion then you are not greek…
    If you dont speak greek youre not greek..
    so keep debating theres no point because none of you have greek culture, but this is very amusing….By the way i have respect for all orthodox countries ethiopia included!!!

    1. there is no greek and jew, heathen and “people of the book.” black and white, as far as “races” are concerned. it’s all in our heads. either we were populated by aliens here and there, sprinkled separately, or we all descend from africa. our monkey-like forefathers were probably pink underneath their hair, so technically we would have been “white” monkeyman underneath the hair, but as we became more “man” we would have become more brown and darker. but as they shed their hair, they would have had to become darker to protect from the sun’s strength in africa.
      you do not need to speak greek to be a greek. even JFK said, “Ich bin ein Berliner” (although gramatically wrong). anyway, child, this wasn’t a debate over who can claim “greek” ethnicity.

  2. john henrik clarke vs mary lefkowitz the black athena debate pt1-15,if the artifacts dont lie the pedofile society is still in tradition today with greek fraternitys,those people was dark olive fo sure messin with children drew light in some artifacts,they ha all shades cause moors make what they call tge mulatto ,the interacial today ,they would just bemoors back the still are right next to akebulan , why do african americans join tihs an free masonry to get their own knowledge they civilized the albion with back reversed cursed moors driven to negro in a black hearse civilitter mortues,,the inside of ur body is what u are ,skin must breathe like lungs u saw goldfinger .nationality has no color ,if u greek u greek if u italian u italian nigerian nigerian, look at ivory coast costians like united statesians ,,u can tell invasion ruules those lands of the muurs ,its actual named by how much ivory has been exploited killin elephants for tusks,lotta gold to ,these are not original names of the land but nation state united nation names but in todays law black nor white is a nation-ality
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  4. if the greeks were black,then i find it peculiar that no one has attempted to associate the greek legends especially the one dealing with arcardia and the holy grail with this aspect. this is because the legends are associated with jesus and by virtue of jesus being the son of God and king of jews,he embodied the principles of divine kingship.a patently african ideaology,

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