Were the ancient Romans white? Not on your Life! – by – Oguejiofo Annu

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Marble Statue of a Muurish Roman

The no go area of popular fictionalized white bwoy history is that “the Aryans built Rome”. How true is this? No it is a damned lie!

Was Rome a white Empire? Were the Romans white?

The truth was that Rome was a multi-ethnic Empire. Any true scholar with the slightest mastery of classics will attest to this. Any one who has had to write a thesis on Rome in at the Doctoral level would not contest this truth.

Rome as well as the entire southern and central and western Europe was built by aboriginal black Europeans sometimes called the mysterious Celts, NIGRI-LATINIS, the IBERIANS or the Maurs.

This painting above depicts the forty Roman soldiers who were martyred for their Christian beliefs in the fourth century by being forced to stand barefoot in a freezing lake. Part of the Novgorod School of painting, Russia 15th century.

Sometimes authors attribute the origin of Rome to Etruscans, or to Greeks or to Canaanites. It is generally acknowledged that those three powers were themselves basically multi-ethnic, and also that the Canaanites were singularly black and African in origin.

Later we get an influx of barbarians nomads, who were assimilated and romanized.

Then slaves from the Slavic and Germanic tribes were captured from Northern Europe and used on Roman plantations in Central Europe.

And then one must not forget that the cultural founts of Rome was not anywhere on the European mainland but in North Africa, with Egypt and the province of Africa being the most sophisticated, and civilized in arts, science and culture. The cultural capital of the Roman Empire was Alexandria in Egypt.

All the inhabitants of the Roman provinces of Africa could easily attain to Roman citizenship and even aspire to become Emperors of Rome.

Moorish Dread
Moorish Dread

Not so for today’s so-called white people who were actually called barbarians and hated by the Roman state and Empire. They were the threats of the day, the potential carries of contagions mental and spiritual, eroders of morality. Besides the oracles of Delphi had forcasted that barbarians whites would eventually overun the emipre.

They eventually did. Bursting the barriers of imperial Rome which had contained them in Central Europe on the Northern side of the River Danube, the barbarians gothic and slavic hordes swamped Rome, southern and central Europe, western Europe as well, bursted into Africa, and then onwards to the Americas and Australia. Like demons released from hell.

Those Barbarians are the direct ancestors of todays so-called Italians, French, Germans, English, Belgia, Holland, Sweden, Russia, and the whole of the so-called white races of todays Europa.

And those gothic descendants have spent a thousand years, re-writing history, destroying monuments, burning books and libraries, in an attempt to hide the truth about themselves, and to usurp the majesty and excellence of the great black civilizations. They would trick the black children (the real owners of this world) into a life of complancency and surbodination, wherein they are unable to assert their legitimacy.

Which is why they have invested so much energy in re-writing and retelling the story of the Roman Empire and its fall, at the hands of the barbarians so-called whites.

See the Roman Dread Locks Legion of Lucius Quietus, the Overall Commander of the Roman Legions running the Dacian barbarians away then ask yourself, where is the fictionalized so-called white bwoy with “his classical Roman nose” in this picture of the Column of Trajan?

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  1. I would every in these comments and the author of the blood to take a ancestry DNA test. Maybe than they would grasp the innerstanding that they are not a crayon. Blood has one color for a reason. One love, One blood, One mind. Peace be upon Earth.

  2. Google Nilotic Negroid, Cheddar Man, and the original Caucasians… A geneticist by the name Keith Cheng has already stated in his findings that pale skin, a.k.a leprosy, is the product of a genetic mutation. Every story involving the creation of man says that mankind was made of the earth’s clay… I’ve never seen any earth, mud, or clay that has the shade of a pale-skinned human being; yet there exists many ruddy, reddish brown to dark brown shades of mother earth. We are the Autochthons of the planet, and if you look at the gold on the periodic table in Chemistry, you will see the Au as the symbol of Gold. There is literally GOLD in our blood and skin, just as it is in the earth. All mankind started off with skin colors resembling the various shades of clay on the planet, pale people, you are a brand new race… A baby in your existence and what caused your mutation or afforded you your temporary advancements? I don’t know… But I do know that this cycle is ending so enjoy while you can. Nature always returns the balance and always restores what is in cosmic order, and once any immune system becomes aware of an intruder in the body, it usually lays waste to the parasite fairly quickly. The earth is aware lately, and she will do what is necessary to protect herself and all of the good cells that belong on her and in her and of her. Like any infection, this celestial body called earth will sift through the cells (humans) that are part of her body (dark-skinned people from the mud of the earth) and any infections or cancer cells (usually seen as white in the human body). Although doctors don’t have a grip on cancer, I’m sure the earth does… She’s been around for a long time and all of the trespassers making her sick with pollution, toxins, chemicals, wars, bombs, poisons, death, ecosystem imbalances, and everything else all of the indignenous people of the world have told them to stop doing, will be removed one way or another.

  3. The use of the terms and words like “race, minority and color” describing a different ethnicity in the US in its self is stupid and very ignorant no surprise it was invented by and still used by color addicted Caucasians.

    Tho they themselves are a minority of the planet Asians being the earths majority ethnicity. Even in America in a few states (Hawaii etc) “whites” are a minority tho even then the “whites” made up a term for it “Majority minority states” again moronic.

    I myself am proud and fortunate to be born Japanese and to live in Japan I have family in the US tho and the things I see and hear when visiting is alien to me and wonder why any one would want to move or even stay there. All you ever see is military propaganda, racism, crime, low income, homelessness, starvation, greed and corruption.

    Don’t believe me just visit Hawaii or California and you’ll see homeless people all over the place. Honolulu and LA looks like a shanty town these days.

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