Were the ancient Romans white? Not on your Life! – by – Oguejiofo Annu

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Marble Statue of a Muurish Roman

The no go area of popular fictionalized white bwoy history is that “the Aryans built Rome”. How true is this? No it is a damned lie!

Was Rome a white Empire? Were the Romans white?

The truth was that Rome was a multi-ethnic Empire. Any true scholar with the slightest mastery of classics will attest to this. Any one who has had to write a thesis on Rome in at the Doctoral level would not contest this truth.

Rome as well as the entire southern and central and western Europe was built by aboriginal black Europeans sometimes called the mysterious Celts, NIGRI-LATINIS, the IBERIANS or the Maurs.

This painting above depicts the forty Roman soldiers who were martyred for their Christian beliefs in the fourth century by being forced to stand barefoot in a freezing lake. Part of the Novgorod School of painting, Russia 15th century.

Sometimes authors attribute the origin of Rome to Etruscans, or to Greeks or to Canaanites. It is generally acknowledged that those three powers were themselves basically multi-ethnic, and also that the Canaanites were singularly black and African in origin.

Later we get an influx of barbarians nomads, who were assimilated and romanized.

Then slaves from the Slavic and Germanic tribes were captured from Northern Europe and used on Roman plantations in Central Europe.

And then one must not forget that the cultural founts of Rome was not anywhere on the European mainland but in North Africa, with Egypt and the province of Africa being the most sophisticated, and civilized in arts, science and culture. The cultural capital of the Roman Empire was Alexandria in Egypt.

All the inhabitants of the Roman provinces of Africa could easily attain to Roman citizenship and even aspire to become Emperors of Rome.

Moorish Dread
Moorish Dread

Not so for today’s so-called white people who were actually called barbarians and hated by the Roman state and Empire. They were the threats of the day, the potential carries of contagions mental and spiritual, eroders of morality. Besides the oracles of Delphi had forcasted that barbarians whites would eventually overun the emipre.

They eventually did. Bursting the barriers of imperial Rome which had contained them in Central Europe on the Northern side of the River Danube, the barbarians gothic and slavic hordes swamped Rome, southern and central Europe, western Europe as well, bursted into Africa, and then onwards to the Americas and Australia. Like demons released from hell.

Those Barbarians are the direct ancestors of todays so-called Italians, French, Germans, English, Belgia, Holland, Sweden, Russia, and the whole of the so-called white races of todays Europa.

And those gothic descendants have spent a thousand years, re-writing history, destroying monuments, burning books and libraries, in an attempt to hide the truth about themselves, and to usurp the majesty and excellence of the great black civilizations. They would trick the black children (the real owners of this world) into a life of complancency and surbodination, wherein they are unable to assert their legitimacy.

Which is why they have invested so much energy in re-writing and retelling the story of the Roman Empire and its fall, at the hands of the barbarians so-called whites.

See the Roman Dread Locks Legion of Lucius Quietus, the Overall Commander of the Roman Legions running the Dacian barbarians away then ask yourself, where is the fictionalized so-called white bwoy with “his classical Roman nose” in this picture of the Column of Trajan?

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151 thoughts on “Were the ancient Romans white? Not on your Life! – by – Oguejiofo Annu”

    1. Hence dark skinned meaning melaninated people with causcoid feature meaning long straight hair that never curled. Caucus didn’t even mean to be what it does today

    2. You are the idiot. Caucasoid or not, they were NOT “white”. The race construct is very specific. Less than 200 years ago, the Italians and everyone from anywhere east of Germany was not considered “white”. Not even the Irish were considered “white”. IDIOT.

      1. Because the concept of race being determined by skin color and not by region of origin had not been developed yet. The Romans are considered white because if we were to see one today WE would consider them white. They, however, only saw themselves as “Romans”. And throughout most of Rome’s history that term would only have been applicable to those born in Rome or Italy. It wasn’t until the Edict of Caracalla (Constitutio Antoniniana) that all free men and women from all over the Empire, meaning non-slaves, were given full citizenship. But this happened in AD 212. Before then, if you were from Numidia, you were Numidian, if you were from Iudea you were a Jew, if you were from Britannia you were a Celt (specifically a Briton, which basically just means British Celt), and if you were from east of the Rhine you were a German. All of this unless we’re talking about people who were born in, say, Hispania, who were the descendants of Roman colonists or of people who acquired Roman citizenship, which, as I said, wasn’t granted to all inhabitants of the empire until 72 years before the end of the Principate, which is marked by the ascension of Dioceltian in AD 284. The Romans (from Rome) were white by today’s standards. We know as much, if not from common sense, from detailed descriptions of famous Romans, such as Augustus, and from paintings such as those found in Pompeii, or in tombs.

        Here’s a description of Augustus by Suetonius: He had clear, bright eyes… his hair was slightly curly and inclining to golden; his eyebrows met.…His complexion was between dark and fair.”

      2. Right, if someone’s gonna say Romans or southern Italians are/were white, the you’d have to say that Spaniards are white, Greeks are white, the Egyptians, and most Hispanics. The Romans were quite clearly not white, they were brown, Latin. just as the spainish and Greeks. Same as most southern Italians and Sicilians. .

  1. Rome was full of mulattos because Hamite families love white people and gave them culture, let them rise thru the warrior classes and intermarried with their noblemen… Today’s Italian is a watered down mulatto and nothing like the ancient Romans.

  2. Why are you trying to fight racism with racism?

    “They would trick the black children (the real owners of this world)”

    No singular race owns the world. We are all in this together.

    1. That what our ancestors that and look what that got them the Bible says humans need a balance between hate and love even god has a balance on top of that if the Bible wasn’t then prove the resurrection gone because tell me how the only exit to the door was guarded by romans same ones that stabbed him later on and if someone said Jesus ressurected they could show them his body but at the end all the rips fell except him defeating death. The Bible was made to divide people and the only way the gentiles black and white except the black Israelites they are the only one free from it because they are in the body of Christ. If you do not believe it your choice but Jesus is the only way for gentiles. If you wanna except Jesus Christ right now then accept him as your lord and savior believe that he rose from death and follow his true laws not the kjv but learn hebrew

      1. “The Bible says” The Bible is part of the problem. They took a people’s History, erased and rewrote it with many contradictions and embellishments and turned it into the cornerstone of a Religion.

        “When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said “Let us pray.” We closed our eyes. When we opened them, we had the Bible and they had the land”_Desmond Tutu

    2. Its makes me so sick that you always hear and read that the whites rewrote history and stole the black history. The whites of today were not there and if it did happen how is it our fault today? What is really funny is that a handful of whites can do all this to the black people who are millions more than the whites. How did we do it if we were so stupid and weak and uncivilized. I don’t think we were the racists to start with. They must hate us very much.

      1. Here’s how history gets re-written:
        1492 Columbus discovers American….wait weren’t there another group of people already here named Indians because the Spaniards thought they were in India.

        Cowboys are good guys and native Americans are savages (ambushing settlers minding their own business). Wasnt it the other way around? How many American history books will tell you that Spaniards slaughtered the natives and spread diseases all in the name of the queen of Spain and in North America in the name of the King of England, France or whatever.
        History books will show pictures of savage Indians attacking a poor settler, his wife and children, but never show the atrocities of the US Government. History tells us the Civil War was about state rights (not about the expansion of slavery into new territories). Most American history books ignore contributing innovation of its African citizens, as if they are too ignorant to think of and develop anything of significance. Pictures of Jesus are a great example of how people distort history. Often art depicting Jesus illustrates a handsome man while the Bible tells us he was not. It stands to reason that a false identity would be created given the illustrators are breaking the 2nd commandment. I’m inclined to believe the Roman’s and Mediterranean people looked multi-cultural or like modern day arabs.

        1. “Modern day” arabs are MULATTOES. A black base later mixed with white turkic elements due to migration. Romans and other Meditterranean peoples are exactly that. It is obvious today and must have been more pronounced back them. The Etruscans were very dark … on to reddish with clear “negroid” aspects. They were the first settlers of Rome. Many things we think of as Roman are actually Etruscan: toga, senate, fasces, gladiatorial combat, Roman letters, etc.

  3. Wow interesting , most of have mentioned some truth an Drew yes his article is all over the place which doesn’t make it less true, he simply cover a lot of truth

  4. The Heavenly Father spoke and said all people from the Bible were black and it will remain that way. What people are hated by all other races in this world. The Hebrew African black,brown,red complexion of people. The barbarian Caucasian will kill,steal and destroy.

    1. Has stolen and destroyed actually not will. Its already been done. Our culture was war the culture bred warriors. So in the Bible of it says gods people are black you’d say that implies that they are better or superior to the ones who aren’t black. You’re basing this off of skin color which is exactly what the imperialists did when they made us believe that the first black person was the evil Cain because the mark he was marked with was his black skin. Your solution to racism is flipping it over. That’s why nothing gets changed everyone just likes to take a large shit on whoever they manage to get power over. In Iraq we took the sunnis out of power then put this Shias in power. The sunnis oppressed the Shia the Shia then in power oppressed the sunnis and bam we have isis. You want to talk about the Bible sure let’s do it. Turn the other cheek. Love others as you love yourself. We are all one body in Christ. But no you’ve conveniently forgotten those verses. Everyone who has a chance manipulates history and the Bible and the truth to fit their own egotistical goals and until we can rise above this we’ll never get better. Literally people used the Bible to keep slaves obedient during the 1800’s. Stop changing things to fit your world view. Everyone.

    2. So all people of black,brown,red complexion are black. That means there is two races white and black. Then you can’t say “What people are hated by all other races in this world.” The white race who is only a handful of people that hates you so much because you say so? I think that we are brain washed with progoganda to believe that we should hate each other. I don’t care what black people think of me, I didn’t rewrite history or stole it. And your think that whites are the only thieves, murderers and destroyers that is stupid. Go google a little more about the Marxists and what they say about white people while they are also actually white skinned. Just because Hitler killed their people they think they can turn black people against all whites.

  5. A description of Augustus by Suetonius:
    “He had clear, bright eyes, in which he liked to have it thought that there was a kind of divine power, and it greatly pleased him, whenever he looked keenly at anyone, if he let his face fall as if before the radiance of the sun; but in his old age he could not see very well with his left eye. His teeth were wide apart, small, and ill-kept; his hair was slightly curly and inclining to golden; his eyebrows met. His ears were of moderate size, and his nose projected a little at the top and then bent slightly inward. His complexion was between dark and fair. He was short of stature (although Julius Marathus, his freedman and keeper of his records, says that he was five feet and nine inches in height),but this was concealed by the fine proportion and symmetry of his figure, and was noticeable only by comparison with some taller person standing beside him.”

  6. Adam was the first Caucasian. There were people here on Earth before his creation. Israel does not mean a country, it’s a peoples. The trees in the garden of Eden are Nations, the branches are peoples. Adam is translated from the Hebrew word “AWDAWM” and means White Man. The basic derivative means: “Ruddy complexion, show blood in the face, transparent white skin. ”

    We have all been lied to.

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