The White Slaves Pt 2 – By Nehesy

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The white slaves Pt 2- By Nehesy

One important thing to note during that sad period (slavery in the New world):

Whipping, Branding, Torturing, Raping etc were already practised during all antiquity in Europe :

– Greece

– Rome

In Greece you had fugitive slave gangs (the first “maroons” of the biggest European slave society with Rome) and in Rome everybody knows Spartacus rebellion.

In Rome the scholars ( Moses Finley) has reported more than 3500000 Slaves…And 99,5 % of them where Europeans because they were mainly Eastern Europeans ( SLAVES)

SCLAVUS (Latin) = SERVUS (Latin) = ESCLAVE (French) = SCLAU (Catalan) = SAQALIBA (Arab) = SLAVE ( English)

During all Antiquity the benchmark for a man/woman without freedom was the Slaves of Eastern Europe.

Slavic people, Scandinavians, French, Anglo-Saxons were sold in France and many of them “prepared” as Eunuchs ( in Verdun / Rouen ), to be sold in Muslim Spain

In Muslim Spain the MAJORITY of the slaves were Europeans , because they were called Saqalibas ( see the foremost authority on Muslim Spain i.e Evariste Levi Provencal and Charles Verlinden). They were sold by the RADHANITES to the Muslims in Spain.

Scholars like José Antonio Saco, Pierre Bonnassié , Marc Bloch , George Duby , Pierre Dockès, Charles Verlinden, Jacques Heers etc will tell you that Europe was a Slave Hunting ground from Antiquity to the 15 th century ( beginning of African Slave Trade)

In Europe the merchant value of a slave was a Beef or a Horse (Loi Salique in French). Sexual relations between a freed woman and a slave was considered as an act of bestiality. But the other way was very common (Freed man and a slave woman)

When Turks blocked the Eastern side of Europe ( with their Big slave markets) , The big slave market of the east was no more accessible. At that time Italians (Venetians, Genoans), Spaniards ( Catalans), Portuguese were the slave traders. This is the reason why Columbus the Fake sailor was looking for a new route towards the Indies : avoiding the Turks…

In the Middle Age, after the reconquista (Christians taking back Muslim Europe). Europeans slaves were still more numerous in Spain, Italy, South of France.

In portugal they were Mainly MOORS slaves. In Spain and Italy you had of course Slavic people, Tartars , Circassians, Sardinia, Guanches (from canaries islands) &; Moors slaves ( from Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco).

In Spain and Italy it was mainly females europeans slaves.

The interesting point is that even for these europeans slaves the “system” was already fixed :

– Repression and oppression system : branding, whipping, beating, jails, raping

– Legal system : The European slave was an object or animal, and he also took the surname of his master, he had no legal rights and could be killed for anything

– Insurance for the loss of slaves : many suicides in the boats coming from Eastern Europe or slave revolts

– The Banking system to set up the supply of slaves : organise the travel trip from Italy/ Spain/ Portugal

The slave trade in the 15 th century started from west to east :

Colombus and his gang of felons sold the Tainos to the slave markets of spain/portugal/cabo verde/canaries to finance the new world Spaniard conquest

The portuguese did the same with the natives in Brazil who were sold as slaves in the West indies ( Santo Domingo / Puerto Rico) and in Portugal / Cabo Verde etc

The slave trade in the 15 th century started also from East to West in a lesser degree:

The Portuguese (Dutch later) sold Indian/Javanese slaves ( Form India/Bengal/ in Spain/Italy/France

1. They first look and used the conquered people as slaves: Tainos/Arawaks/Caribs , Guanches, Native North Americans, Native South Americans etc

2. They imported white slaves from their own country because the 1st group was dying : Indentured servants

3. They attacked African continent which was a rich and powerful continent : Scholars like William D Phillips will tell you that Europe boosted commercially when they first secured Gold from West Africa (before they conquered the New world)

It’s incredible how they “flipped the script” in our official history, the biggest liars ever and I’m sure that their scholars kno the truth…

New Forms of Slavery

Slavery has a new form :

– Making people to pay back money which did not exist , just by writing down scriptural money (Bankers) ;

– In Europe Private Banks contract loans with the BCE with 1 % interest, and they lend it to Governements at 6 %, and they “kill” the common people with interest…

– In order to be free Human Beings should just afford what they can pay

– I work myself in an investment banking : The biggest thieves, criminals ever are the Bankers and the Multinationals ( two faces of the same coin)

– Who financed the slave trade ? European/ & American Bankers !!! : LLoyds, Barclays, JP Morgan etc

– Dollars and Euros belong to the bankers not to the USA or European Community

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