Again, fire is burning in the land of Ice (Iceland)

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Fire is blazing again in the volcanic mountains of Iceland. Grimsvotn volcano began to send plumes of ash 20 kilometers in the air over the weekend.

As happened last summer, the southern winds are picking up the ash cloud formed by a volcanic eruption in Iceland.

It is heading south, likely to reach France sometime this week. According to the newspaper Le Monde, in its meteorologist forecast, the ash will be there by Wednesday.

Just like last summer, flights will be cancelled. Both civil and military operations halted. This is because of the danger posed to aircraft engines by the fine particles of the volcanic ash.

The eruption of the Iceland volcano has already resulted in over 500 cancelled flights in Europe. Airports have been closed in Ireland and Scotland, and possibly tonight Germany’s airports, specifically, in Hamburg, Bremen and Berlin will be grounding flights.

Iceland’s airspace was closed completely since the weekend.

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