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It is trite to say that the Romans were no great innovators of culture. They mostly copied the so-called “Hellenistic” and Egyptian high culutres. Yes, Rome may have conquered physically but she was conquered culturally. I will show you why.

The religion of the Romans, their gods, their rites originally came from Egypt. There were 5000 year old Egyptian equivalents of Roman gods, 5000 years before Rome was built.

Head of a Roman Boy, Roman, A.D. 150 – 200 Marble

The cultural centre of the Roman Empire was Egypt, specifically Alexandria. There one had the books, the rites, the tradition and the ancient mystery disciplines that had been honned and developed thousands of years before Rome. Up till this day, the arts and sciences encapsulated in those books, are fundamental to the successful construction and sustanance of any human society.

The Greeks who heavily influenced Rome, were at the outset a colony of Egyptians and Phoenicians (neighbours to Egyptians) all from Africa. The first and earliest civilizations of the Creteans, Maltans, Pelasgians, Ionians, and Therans came from Africa. The populace was were predominantly African.

Roman Mosiac 2nd Century

It was only thousands of years later that the Dorians appeared and plunged Greece into the dark ages, before it was eventually revived again by Black Egyptian colonists. Solon the first law giver in Athens was a product of the Egyptian mystery school. Pythagoras one of the greastest Greeks that ever lived was a product of Egyptian mystery school. Socrates and Aristotle were long represented as dark-skinned Afro-Greeks by the Arabs, the Saracens, and the Turks, long before North West Europe became ancient Greek fans.

Roman Drinking Jug

It was only in the 18th century North-West Europe that the true images of Socrates and Aristotle were hidden, or ignored and replaced by false images of pink-whites some of which were created between 17th and 18th century AD but fraudulently mis-dated.

Greek language, culture and so-called attainments all came from Egypt, contrary to what you may have been told in government schools. Try find the books written by Martin Bernal – The Black Athena; and Prof George J. James: Stolen Civilization, Godfrey Higgins in his book Anacalypsis, as well as books by Gerald Massey, Drussila Houston- The Wonderful Ethiopians of the ancient Cushitic Empire etc. etc.; to understand this very point.

You will come to see that Rome started off as a colony or vassal of the Kartha Hadashians (Carthage), if you were to parse your history very well. It was the influence of the Carthaginians that made Rome. Rome later got its independence and even eventually destroyed Carthage. Yet, Carthage had a thousand years of high culture and pre-eminence before Rome was born. By the time it was destroyed by Romans, Carthage was a thousand year old black African Empire, ruling the then known world through its maritime connections.

Ethiopia and Sudan greatly influenced Rome because it was from therein that the first Christian monks reached Rome and established the monastic culture, which eventually was key to the civilization of the entire Europe. See History of Monasticism

You have to stand on the shoulders of giants to be a giant. The Carthaginians, the Egyptians, the Ethiopians, the Sudanese, were all great African nations, pre-eminent in culture and sciences of their time, waaaay before Romans could read and write.

The Roman numerals, the Roman alphabets, Roman architecture, Roads, system of justice and government, all came from African nations who were in existence thousands of years before Romans knew the meaning of civilization.

So who civilized the other? The Muurs civilized Rome, and the entire Europe. The Muurs are known today as blacks, the Ethiopians, the Sudanese, the African Americans, Jamaicans, South Africans and Nigerians.

The half that was never told, is what Rasta Livewire is uttering boldly!


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19 thoughts on “The Africans Who Civilized Rome – Jahdey”

  1. The african statues of ancient african
    Pharoahs are systematically destroyed.noses
    Chopped off.sawn down. By the jewish scientists from west in colaboration with the arab. Egyptian govt. Today. Our figh t to restore this evidence is not only on thr web.but to build a movement that will
    Go to cairo and. Build a muse and take back all these artifacts ldft at parkd outside in cairo
    While their fake. Counterparts are displayed
    Inside the govt. Museum.. restore. Their faces
    Not by arabs .white prople.but by african
    Egyptologists. Then. Advocate the AuAnd the UN to pass a law making it criminal to temper
    With any artifacts. Also have a watch dog
    Watching at these 3000yrs african treasure.
    Since evidence. Have shown that the west
    Are bent on destroying africa..even our last trzce of our achievment in eg ypt as the first
    Civilization on earth

    1. It is for Jesus Christ the husbandman of the world at the time of the black Egyptians to tell his story to the dismay of Arabs and whites alike with his trophy the civilization of the ancient black Pharaohs. Only a fool does not know that hard copies of the original documents exist in the book of records of the earth until judgment is given on all matters before the court of God. The Arabs and Whites who took part in remodeling the figures of the ancient black Egyptians and Pharaohs do not yet realise that the pair of eyes given to them for sight also doubles as the recording and spy camera against their evil intentions. So are their ears, mind, heart and brains. Let them continue to knock off the broad noses of blacks to make them Arabic. The distortion of the history of the early indigenous blacks of Egypt, Lebanon and north Africa has contributed more than any other factor to the blood bath in the middle East. No Arab can successfully claim the land of Israel without first distorting the original history of the land of Israel, its neighboring communities and blacks in particular. Arabs have fallen for a lie by claiming they were the ancient Egyptians instead of acknowledging that they drove out the blacks who migrated to sub Saharan Africa. They should not fail to know that they have a share in the bloodshed taking place in Israel and the middle East as a result of projecting a lie to replace the early history of the land of Israel and neighboring communities.. Not all whites are racists. People at the top ladder of human evolution be they white, black or Arabs are included in the populations as the talents or spices of God to raise humanity or civilization. A white man of God yesterday may be sent to incarnate among the Chinese, Arabs or Africans to do God’s work. Only the racists at the very bottom of the human evolution ladder distort other people’s contributions to the human family and claim it as their own without any shame whatsoever and their sponsor is Lucifer and his gods and angels. They like the people they sponsor have no real tangible benefit to present to mankind except lies and strife!

  2. It’s funny I never heard of a europtologist, greekologist, romanologist or asiaologist…. But there is a such thing as EGYPTOLOGIST and it is where all civilization began.
    Mary Aristotle traveled east …. Africa is the east.. That is where he learned.
    Statues where mimics of the tore down originals.. Just like the fake pictures of “so called” Jesus.
    KNOWLEDGE over believe… Peace and power

  3. The deniers cannot face the fact that the Black man was, for once, the master and the educator of a white people, that being the Greeks. He even planted his seed into them, a legacy that continues to this day, as modern Greeks develop sickle cell anemia and possess extensive strains of Black African DNA. Tough shit, folks, get over it, Greece belongs to the Black man.

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