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It is trite to say that the Romans were no great innovators of culture. They mostly copied the so-called “Hellenistic” and Egyptian high culutres. Yes, Rome may have conquered physically but she was conquered culturally. I will show you why.

The religion of the Romans, their gods, their rites originally came from Egypt. There were 5000 year old Egyptian equivalents of Roman gods, 5000 years before Rome was built.

Head of a Roman Boy, Roman, A.D. 150 – 200 Marble

The cultural centre of the Roman Empire was Egypt, specifically Alexandria. There one had the books, the rites, the tradition and the ancient mystery disciplines that had been honned and developed thousands of years before Rome. Up till this day, the arts and sciences encapsulated in those books, are fundamental to the successful construction and sustanance of any human society.

The Greeks who heavily influenced Rome, were at the outset a colony of Egyptians and Phoenicians (neighbours to Egyptians) all from Africa. The first and earliest civilizations of the Creteans, Maltans, Pelasgians, Ionians, and Therans came from Africa. The populace was were predominantly African.

Roman Mosiac 2nd Century

It was only thousands of years later that the Dorians appeared and plunged Greece into the dark ages, before it was eventually revived again by Black Egyptian colonists. Solon the first law giver in Athens was a product of the Egyptian mystery school. Pythagoras one of the greastest Greeks that ever lived was a product of Egyptian mystery school. Socrates and Aristotle were long represented as dark-skinned Afro-Greeks by the Arabs, the Saracens, and the Turks, long before North West Europe became ancient Greek fans.

Roman Drinking Jug

It was only in the 18th century North-West Europe that the true images of Socrates and Aristotle were hidden, or ignored and replaced by false images of pink-whites some of which were created between 17th and 18th century AD but fraudulently mis-dated.

Greek language, culture and so-called attainments all came from Egypt, contrary to what you may have been told in government schools. Try find the books written by Martin Bernal – The Black Athena; and Prof George J. James: Stolen Civilization, Godfrey Higgins in his book Anacalypsis, as well as books by Gerald Massey, Drussila Houston- The Wonderful Ethiopians of the ancient Cushitic Empire etc. etc.; to understand this very point.

You will come to see that Rome started off as a colony or vassal of the Kartha Hadashians (Carthage), if you were to parse your history very well. It was the influence of the Carthaginians that made Rome. Rome later got its independence and even eventually destroyed Carthage. Yet, Carthage had a thousand years of high culture and pre-eminence before Rome was born. By the time it was destroyed by Romans, Carthage was a thousand year old black African Empire, ruling the then known world through its maritime connections.

Ethiopia and Sudan greatly influenced Rome because it was from therein that the first Christian monks reached Rome and established the monastic culture, which eventually was key to the civilization of the entire Europe. See History of Monasticism

You have to stand on the shoulders of giants to be a giant. The Carthaginians, the Egyptians, the Ethiopians, the Sudanese, were all great African nations, pre-eminent in culture and sciences of their time, waaaay before Romans could read and write.

The Roman numerals, the Roman alphabets, Roman architecture, Roads, system of justice and government, all came from African nations who were in existence thousands of years before Romans knew the meaning of civilization.

So who civilized the other? The Muurs civilized Rome, and the entire Europe. The Muurs are known today as blacks, the Ethiopians, the Sudanese, the African Americans, Jamaicans, South Africans and Nigerians.

The half that was never told, is what Rasta Livewire is uttering boldly!


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19 thoughts on “The Africans Who Civilized Rome – Jahdey”

  1. “The Roman numerals, the Roman alphabets… all came from African nations” Have you any sources that I may find out Muur on this subject?

  2. Always found it confusing that the Europeans who lived in their own filth up until the end of the 18th century would today take credit for ALL of humanity’s achievements.

  3. Wow – if this is truly the case, then how is it that you don’t realize that you are from the Seed-line of Cain? It is Cain’s seed-line that is in power, that dominates the world – and no it isn’t the Gentile “whitey” – no it’s the people who claim to be “Semitic” on stolen land in the Middle East – wiping out the Natives that have been there for thousands of years.

    Now I understand why in the Book of Mormon it said that those Israelites that went and joined in the societies that were already on the American continents turned “black” – LMAO – makes perfect sense now – because they were intermarrying – and their “Royalty” were EATING and DESTROYING their own people and culture and worshiping false deities (gods)!

    By the way – love how you threw in a picture of the vase, and then tried to claim it was one of the Greek philosophers.

    By the way, the Moors, were raping and pillaging Europe – not bringing them “culture”. It wasn’t until the “Europeans” had had enough that they were able to DRIVE them OUT.

    Maybe we should talk about all the SLAVERY the Africans participated in, and STILL participate in?

    1. If you are basing your information from biblical stories than I believe you should do more research. Those same stories that I guess you believe to be true have been copied from other sources thousands of years before. You cant possibly believe whites really ruled to world??? do you really study anthropology or anything dealing with culture??? If so please refer me to any reading material you have ran across…..because you are sadly mistaken!!

  4. Wow indeed!! Maybe you should finally admit defeat. You’re obviously a hater who is desperately trying to maintain the status quo through unfounded propaganda, whilst realising the once dominant white world you occupy is slowly disintegrating around you – (socially, economically, morally and politically). Lash out and deny the truth – that’s what everyone else does – It’s the easy way out!

    Either you are completely in the dark, (no pun intended) about your own history (Europe), or your comments deliberately set out to discredit black contributions to western civilization.

    If you recall it was the Moors who brought the light back into Europe and sparked the Renaissance/Enlightenment period that bought Europe out from the dark ages. The barbaric raping and pillaging you mention belonged to the unremarkable VIKINGS!!

    I understand your fear, as your time is short therefore panic naturally ensues. End your denial and stop hating. Step up and embrace the dark side – you know it makes sense!!

    No need to reply! You’ll just be ranting to the already converted.

    1. Darkness us power, all things existed because of Darkness….I fear light because it will blind and expose you…

  5. Hahahaha! Rome and high culture? Hahahahahahaha! Rome gave the world laws and codes that were developed in the later half of the Roman empire. Also, I love how you completely disregard Sumerians and the Babylonians, who had a far greater civilization than the Egyptians and no they weren’t Africans. Do you have so much inferiority complex that you have to find a way to connect supposed black Egyptian civilization to white civilization? Also, you forget that Alexander, whose teacher was Aristotle went Eastward and the people there have statutes to prove that Alexander and his people did not look ANYTHING like Africans. You lose loser.

    1. The Sumerians called themselves sag-giga, literally meaning “the black-headed people”!!! And Rome gave Rome new laws…not the whole world. I don’t understand why its so shocking and makes whites so mad when the truth comes out. Like nobody is making up the information…mostly white anthropologists, archeologists, theologists..etc. find this information thats available to everybody. The world wasnt dominated by white people before 2000 years ago….sorry!

    2. Lol..cave man, are you even human.Your western education been lying to u and yes Ancient Kemetic people were Africans that schooled Romans and Greeks…Your religions were plagiarized from all the Deities of ancient Kemet… Without black people, your ass wouldn’t have existed, yes we invented every Neaderthal race through Engineering… TAMAHU or Typhonians you are called.

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