Melanoma, Caucasians and Ancient Egyptian-Africa

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By Omo-Baba

“Melanoma is less common than other skin cancers. However, it is much more dangerous and causes the majority (75%) of deaths related to skin cancer. Worldwide, doctors diagnose about 160,000 new cases of melanoma yearly. The diagnosis is more frequent in women than in men and is particularly common among Caucasians living in sunny climates, with high rates of incidence in Australia, New Zealand, North America, Latin America, and northern Europe.”

Hint: Ancient Egyptians had no melanoma.

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13 thoughts on “Melanoma, Caucasians and Ancient Egyptian-Africa”

  1. Hint: The follow up remark posted after the article is ignorant. The artlce doesnt mention Egypt either way or South Africa where millions of Whites reside, but there are published information of ancient Egyptians having skin cancer. Ancient Egyptians, unlike blacks also engaged the use of topical applications to prevent the sun from burning their skin.

    “The history of observation of human exposure to the sun and its effects dates around 1500 BC in Egypt…The ancient Egyptians used inorganic clays and mineral powders to protect their skin.” (Science VOL. 95, NO. 3; 2008)

    “The use of topical sunscreen application dates back to the ancient Egyptians, who
    attempted to use olive oil as a photoprotectant” (Rigel et al; 2011)

    “Two ancient Egyptian skeletons…have unusual skeletal malformations…characteristic of Gorlin’s syndrome [or] its descriptive name, nevoid basal cell carcinoma… probably as a consequence of exposure to UV light.” (Greaves; 2001)

    So yes, ancient Egyptians, unlike racist Afrocentrics fantasize, had skin cancer and took the means to safe-guard against such. North Africa, including ancient Egypt has always been a Caucasoid habitation.

    1. The only person who is telling fantasies as history it is your people. No where in Egypt or North Africa existed central Asian Albinos such as yourself. Albinos came on the scene 500 years ago, Egyptians and other black people in the rest of the world had a history going back prior to 500 years and you still want to continue the lies that you are responsible for all civilizations. Why didn’t you create great civilizations in Central Asia prior to leaving? When Egypt and the rest of the black worlds were flourishing in all 7 continents, you Albinos were living in Central Asia wallowing in your own filth, shitting and pissing where you eat. Egyptians are not the only black people to put mud on their skin. There are countless African tribes who apply mud to their skin for beauty. Just because Albinos authors wrote that they were applying mud as a way to protect themselves from the sun doesn’t make it so. Albinos are known pathetic liars who have robbed black people of their history because they are not satisfied with their pathetic existence.

      You Central Asian Albinos are not satisfied with your own history and thus, you created fantasy history. You cannot survive in the hot sun so you could not have been indigenous to anywhere in Africa. You come to Africa the same way you came to the rest of the world, through pillaging and murdering the ancient inhabitants then stealing their identities. Albinos have committed the worse kind of identity theft and have the audacity to claim that your pink, unnatural colour is indigenous to Africa where the sun will kill you. The Caucasoid in north Africa are products of invading murderers, rapists, thieves and white slaves. Why is it that you created no wonders or greatness in your homeland of Central Asia, yet you claim to have created wonderful civilizations in Africa where the sun is too hot for you to tolerate?

      Go burn up in some hot sun – the same sun you claim to be natural to you and your people.

      1. No wonders of greatness in Asia?

        HA! You’re so incredibly ignorant you don’t know who The Children of the Sun are, hey?

        I suggest you read about the great pyramids of China, and the caucasian mummies they have found inside of them such as The Loulan Beauty.

        DNA alone proves white people are not albinos descended from blacks.

        I suppose you think ancient Egyptians like Ramses II have blonde hair because of “white washing”???

        You’re living a lie, my friend. Egypt didn’t even have a black African presence until the 25th Dynasty!

        We have Cro Magnon man remains of 28,000 years old that test fully modern human.

        Furthermore, DNA has proven that there is at least one subset of caucasians that are native to Africa- The Berbers.

        White people ARE NOT ALBINOS. There is an enormous difference between the two. You are a true pseudo-scientist!

        White people came to dominant the world because we have always been in a position to dominate the world. It isn’t something we just picked up in the last 2,000 years. We’ve been transversing the oceans for at least 10,000 years. Ever since we left Atlantis.

        I suggest you read about the founding of South American civilization as well. Read about the Viracocha, or the dozen or so other myths about the “white gods” that brought them civilization.

    2. Albinos are pathetic, Central Asiancentric (you are not even natural to Europe), liars who make up stories to connect their unnaturalness to the African sun. Try putting olive on your thin Albino skin, head out in some sunshine that is comparable to Africa and tell me how long you last? From personal experience, I can tell you this, olive is not very useful as an emollient before heading out in the beautiful hot sun that your pink, thin skin can’t seem to tolerate. You will cook – literally. If my natural beautiful, brown skin can literally cook after applying olive oil as an emollient (most black people use emollients after showering), I wonder what would happen to your thin, pink skin. Rigel and his comrades are lying Albinos, pathetic Albinos who are making up stories to steal Egyptian identity and try to pass it off as Albino identity. Why on earth didn’t you Albinos didn’t build pyramids in Central Asia? Why aren’t there any remnants of great civilizations in Central Asia, your homeland? .

      According to you, Greaves (2001) stated, the two ancient mummies had skeletal malformations that seem like Gorlin’s syndrome. There are no tests conducted by Greaves that proves that the two mummies they claim to have found with certainty had skin cancer. Where is the scientific test? Are to continue to base everything on Albino insecurities such as “probably” and “:maybe?” When are probably and maybe ever facts? Only when Albinos are weaving lies. Is that all the evidence you have? This is just another pathetic attempt to claim the Egyptians were freaks of natures who could not tolerate the natural goodness of the sun.

      The ancient Egyptians just like the rest of the black tribes around the globe who were civilized while you were in Central Asia crawling on all fours and having sex with animals were using mud and olive on their skin as beauty treatments. You tell me where in the world are Albinos avid oiling their skin and using mud like black people? But I can tell you of plenty of places where black people are still using mud as beauty treatments and are still oiling their skin and it is not for tanning. Why on earth would those brown and black bodies in visible in the pyramid would be tanning themselves? The melanin in the ancient Egyptians skin would have protected them from the sun. Albinos are the ones using artificial means to protect them from the sun i.e. Albino Arabs covering themselves in sheets from head to toe as a way of protecting their bodies from the sun and erroneously calling it religious practices. So when your murderous, raping, stealing and slave ancestors came to North Africa, they developed artificial means as a way of protecting themselves from the sun because they did not have the natural built in protection like the black Egyptians and the rest of Black north Africa. The lying filths you people call historians are making up stories to connect themselves to Africa and to further steal the identify of Egyptians. In the next 100 years, you lying filths will claim that you are natural to the rest of Africa. Please do some reading. According to E.D. Morel, in Black Man’s Burden, you unnatruals had to find special places to live in South Africa when you started squatting there and you want us to believe that you are as natural to north Africa as a Sage bush is to the Arizona desert.

      Stop stealing our history. You have done well for yourselves in the past 500 years. Be happy with what you have accomplished in only 500 years.

      go to for what real Egyptians looked like and not the Albino lies being passed off as ancient Egyptians. Does any of those blacks people of ancient Egypt look anything like you?

    3. What in hell are you saying? We know for a fact that Albinos from Asia always tried to live in Egypt. 1500 B.C is a late date in ancient Egyptian civilization. There was Albinos in lower Egypt hundreds of years before that, but you cannot say that they were the indigenous people of that land. Ancient Egypt started its history in upper Egypt, and before that in Sudan and sub-Sahara Africa. And for what you said about North Africa always been an Albino territory, that’s absolutely false. We know for a fact that North Africa, was always a Negro territory until recently some albino tribes were obliged to settle there. We can’t forget the European (Albinos) slave trade by the North African barbary pirates who deplaced millions of Albinos not only in North Africa but also in the Middle East.

      1. Bro we had a special place for people who were adversary to the sun. The whole world worshipped the sun. Y’all had to change that because the sun reviled Y’alls true form. Y’all blister up n shit. I know y’all heard of osareph and the lepers. They tried to say the lepers had some disease. Man they where constantly burning.

    4. South Africa, Cape Town has a mediate mediterranean climate. It even snows there. Stop stretching it! It shows you are clueless about the topic!

    5. Bro. You forgot that the hyksos and Romans took Egypt. This probably where white mummies who weren’t welcomed. Sahara desert is the hottest place in the world. Y’all wouldn’t have lasted with olive oil. If anythings would have cooked y’all.

  2. Hint: South African pale skins have some of the worst rate of melanoma cancer on earth. Do a Google search.

    Truth is not a crime.

  3. @Mike Hunt- Your truth is portent!

    Let them sceptic-haters go to Namibia (where their Germans committed genocidal acts against the Herero and Nama peoples by driving them off to the desert, sequestering them there and then poisoning the wells there in 1904-7: A crime they refuse to acknowledge/see link below) and look up the beautiful HIMBA people with Dreadlocks and red-mud (mixed with fat) smeared on their skin. Pure science.

    Any unjaundiced eye will see that these astonishingly comely people look exactly like the murals OUR ANCESTORS of KMT (ancient “Egypt”) left on the temple, pyramid walls.

    “2000* years of history (Black History) could not be wiped away so easily… ”

    *Rasta Marley probably meant 200,000 yrs of history but figured the 1% sounded more poetic for the purpose.

    Ayi Kwei Armah says ” WE ARE NOT A PEOPLE OF YESTERDAY.”

    2000 seasons of degeneracy acquired, implanted and imbibed in from within and without must just stop.

    The universe will unravel this bloody poppycock bandied about by fraudsters and their quislings in Africa (The entire planet) and bring BLACK CIVILIZATION as it was in time.

    Pity the heathens

    1. There are ongoing acts of genocide being committed in Africa right now by Albino Turks masquerading as Jews and Arabs and the Albinos from Central Asia masquerading as Europeans. As a result of their greed, the various branches of Albinos are continuing their exploitation, land theft, murder and rape of Africa with the goal of getting an Africa with no original Africans or one that will be ran by loyal Mulattoes who will not question Albino rule much the same way they have done to North Africa, the middle East and the Americas. Now the Albinos want to complete the genocide on Africa using passive and aggressive genocide – interbreeding and murder. So, whether it is germ warfare (AIDS, and WHO vaccinations), weapons of mass destructions, deliberate starvation, interbreeding, the Albinos are hell bent on murdering Africa for land and resources. Don’t expect this to be reported By CNN.

      Here is an article that speaks of Albino Turkish women masquerading as Arabs, singing while their men rape African women.

  4. Dear Demon huh I mean Damien, as Mike Hunt already stated.

    “Egyptians are not the only black people to put mud on their skin. There are countless African tribes who apply mud to their skin for beauty. Just because Albinos authors wrote that they were applying mud as a way to protect themselves from the sun doesn’t make it so. Albinos are known pathetic liars who have robbed black people of their history because they are not satisfied with their pathetic existence.”

    It immediately brought to mind. Fulani, Tuareg, Nub, Nur, Fur Himba. And these are just a few examples, which struck me quickly. LOL

  5. Why do white people want to be apart of Mediterranean and African culture so bad? Are you not understanding there’s no way you would survive in the Sun? It’s insane. Your skin literally turns RED like Esau then peels like Serpents after 5 mins, accompanied by puss filled boils. Your flesh literally burns off. If the little ingredients the Egyptians used, described in their texts where to PREVENT SUNBURN, then thats all they would still be using this today. The ingrediants were used to PREVENT NATURALLY TANNED SKIN. *Not* sunburns. Bright white skin was seen as beauty, so they applied these ingrediants. Much like a modern day mediterranian who has a natural tan, but can acheive a white appearance if they use these ancient Egyptians ingredients or stay out the sun and their diets prevents cancer. Those ingredients were NOT to prevent sunburn because they didnt sunburn, these were just to appear whiter. You white Americans and white European people hide behind sunscreen because YOU BURN, you dont tan, and non of those ancient ingrediants alone would have prevent your sunburn. Romens and Northern Africans are NATURALLY TAN. You white Americans and non-Mediterranean Europeans hide behind sunscreen so the world doesnt release you are the beast of Revelations but we are waking up. Ancient Egyptians and Romans have the same DNA as modern day Egyptians, Africans and Mediterraneans. White Americans and White Europeans are definetly a different breed of light skin, then North Africans and Mediterranean. Lol. You want to be them so bad. There skin has melanin, they tan and they can survive in the sun without pertection, nor do they get skin cancer and can achieve whiter skin by applying ingrediants. 99% of white people in America have Danish, Scandinavian ancestors. Those people are WHITE. They cannot survive in the sun. They burn. They get skin cancer. Give it up already. The ancient ingredients were to lighten already naturally tan skin, white people dont even tan. They take pills or burn.

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