Happy Ishtar/Easter – By Mazi Omeife Jideofo (Reposted)

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Ishtar/Auset (Easter/Ester)

She is the ancient Muurish mother, variously called Isi, Isis, Easter, or Ishtar, or Ester, or Auset, or Diana, Ana, Ala, or Mary.

In the ancient times, she was identified with the birth of spring, the fertility and the reproduction, the nuture and the succor of earth and her children.

Her worship was universal and instinctual in times gone by. The songs of love of the musicians, the devotion of the priests, the loyalty of her children, all rose as incense of sacrifice to her daily.

Then she was overthrown and suppressed by the universal catholic necromantic church, and the death cult of male-dominated edited brand of modern Islam.

She was attacked with sheer violence. And her children kidnapped and brainwashed against her laws. But only for a while as it was prophesied and agreed. For the earth indeed is hers and the fullness thereof.

So, yet her memories and graces could not be wiped out by those over-reachers. So she was remembered as Mary, by the Necromantic church, or Miriam to the necromantic Islamists.

The Islamists also retain her great name Aisha (Ishtar), since the power of the goddess is real, and cannot be contained.

Ishtar is her name in Kemit and Canaan. Easter the Europeans called her.

And they had to celebrate her each Easter day, although they would not own up transparently to this fact.

Their time is up. The vile pedophilic, perverted falsehoods and necromancy diguised as religion have run their course as was prophesied and agreed.

Today Goddess rises, she returns!

In this age, Goddess returns again. Our mother, our love, our sustainer, Ana, Diana, Aishat, she whom we love and obey.

And may her love and her music and her happiness, her joy and bountifulness fill this earth, foriver and foriver more.

Let’s celebrate her, let’s be happy today her day, let’s venerate her as she requires, with love, with joy, with laughter, dance and music, with carefree lightness, with good food and good cheer.

Let’s celebrate her everyday too. For when Ishtar is happy, the whole earth is happy and joyful. She is the good we live for.

She is the light, the wisdom and the understanding. They called her Sophia in the book of Proverbs.

Happy Easter to all the world.

Happy Ishtar, to those who have knowledge!

Mazi Omeife Jideofo

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