Two “so called white” Popes and the Eternal Queen Mother and Child

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Black Magic:

Our ancient Mother still rules over all of them, pink white, yellow and red.

Call on the first Mother, and the Child, you will be heard.

They will hear you because you are a Muur;

And just like you they are eternal Muurs.

They are there for the redemption of all Muurs

They are here because they love all the Muurs!

Use the Power of the Mother and Child everyday!

Arise all you fallen Muurs, arise ye careless Ethiopians,

Rally round the Eternal Queen, rally round the one and only Ethiopian Nobility;

Rally round the truth, rally round reality and rule in your ancient sovereignty…

You are the first, the true and the faithful,

You have been given wisdom, compassion and joy,

You have been given ownership of all that is and is to be;

You are the children of the Eternal Black Divine,

You are the gods and goddesses,

You are the Black Magic!

– Mazi Omeife Jideofo

28 February 2013

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