Y-DNA Haplogroup R1b1 and African men

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The genetic landscape of Equatorial Guinea and the origin and migration routes of the Y chromosome haplogroup R-V88.
González M, Gomes V, López-Parra AM, Amorim A, Carracedo A, Sánchez-Diz P, Arroyo-Pardo E, Gusmão L.


IPATIMUP, Institute of Pathology and Immunology of University of Porto, Porto, Portugal.

Human Y chromosomes belonging to the haplogroup R1b1-P25, although very common in Europe, are usually rare in Africa.

However, recently published studies have reported high frequencies of this haplogroup in the central-western region of the African continent and proposed that this represents a ‘back-to-Africa’ migration during prehistoric times.

To obtain a deeper insight into the history of these lineages, we characterised the paternal genetic background of a population in Equatorial Guinea, a Central-West African country located near the region in which the highest frequencies of the R1b1 haplogroup in Africa have been found to date.

In our sample, the large majority (78.6%) of the sequences belong to subclades in haplogroup E, which are the most frequent in Bantu groups. However, the frequency of the R1b1 haplogroup in our sample (17.0%) was higher than that previously observed for the majority of the African continent. Of these R1b1 samples, nine are defined by the V88 marker, which was recently discovered in Africa.

As high microsatellite variance was found inside this haplogroup in Central-West Africa and a decrease in this variance was observed towards Northeast Africa, our findings do not support the previously hypothesised movement of Chadic-speaking people from the North across the Sahara as the explanation for these R1b1 lineages in Central-West Africa.

The present findings are also compatible with an origin of the V88-derived allele in the Central-West Africa, and its presence in North Africa may be better explained as the result of a migration from the south during the mid-Holocene.

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9 thoughts on “Y-DNA Haplogroup R1b1 and African men”

  1. R1b1 is highly represented among chadic group with a frequency of more than 90 % in some area in Cameroon and about 45% among Hausa people.

  2. In Hausa history, there was a mingling of communities. And in the early existence of Kano; there were people called Rumawa(romans) with the settlement in Kano of a Roman General Jan Darnisa, we have Fanisau(may be phoniceans), we have Jalutawa (philistins of Goliath), we have Gazarawa(Khazars), Adawa(Ad), Samudawa(Samud), BaGAZAwa(people of Gaza) etc. Even now in certain areas of hausaland, some groups are called with Ruman’s identity(Rumawa).

  3. I forgot to mention the name of a quarter in Agadez Niger Republic whose people are till today called Istanbulawa(people of Istanbul).

  4. What is important about this report is that the authors (presumably “white” “Europeans”): (1) acknowledge that the presence of R1b1a in sub-Saharan Africa can be explained by its origination there, and not by a “back-migration” from “Asia”; and (2) that the presence of the R1b1a2 chromosome in the European subcontinent can be explained by direct migration from sub-Saharan Africa (i.e., the European R1b1a2 chromosome is more closely related to the sub-Saharan chromosome than it is to the R1b1b2 chromosome which is the most prevalent “white” “European” Y-chromosome.

    What I find deliberately deceptive is that the scientific literature too often simply maps the by now very vague “R1b” family of Y-chromosomes over Africa and Eurasia, showing a tremendous presence of this group in the European subcontinent, and a minor presence in sub-Saharan Africa, and misleading the reader into thinking that all of “Europe” is unified by R1b. Yet if they used more specific data that are already available to distinguish R1b1b2 (European) from the R1b1a family (including R1b1a2) their maps would show two distinct subpopulations — the first almost entirely European with no representation in sub-Saharan Africa, and the second, the R1b1a family composed of southern European and sub-Saharan African territory.

    The scientists just do not want to consider the possibility that many people of southern European heritage whom US residents would call “white” have specific closer genetic links to sub-Saharan Africans than they do to other “European” stocks.

    The northern “Italians” know this about those from the south of “Italy” — Africa begins at Rome.

    1. @Richard,

      The reason for the Albino scientists not informing the public that R1b1 chromosome is also found extensive throughout Africa is simple, though they will readily accept the out of Africa theory, Albinos want to maintain the fantasy that they are in possession of unique DNA that separate them from people who they claim are so primitive that they are closer to monkeys. Calling people who reside south of the Sahara Desert sub-Saharan is another way of saying they are sub-human and this stands to destroy any claim legitimate black researchers may make that contrary to popular belief, black people were actually the head of all civilizations prior to the Albinos leaving Central Asia to destroy and stealing the identity of said civilizations.. Additionally, maintaining the lie of having separate DNA from the rest of us lends credence to the Albino age old belief that pink skin makes them superior.

      Keep in mind that anything thing tangible or intangible that are supposedly exclusive to Albinos is because Albinos are superior but when it comes to black people, they want you to believe that the opposite is true. For example, black people run faster and have more muscle mass because they are closer to animals but Albinos lacking these physical traits? Well, it doesn’t matter because supposedly they are the originators of all that is right with the world including religion. What the Albino scientist will never tell you is, there is only one race and that is the black race. Everyone else is a sub-specie of the black race. Every phenotype and genotype that are known to man, black people code for them.

      Black people not only birth Albinos who what some would refer to as “typical negroid” type with the kinky hair but pink skin but black people birth the Central Asia types who are now masquerading as Europeans.

      Some black people who are unlearned accept the Albino theory of one look for all blacks when this is not true. I remember growing up in the Island where there was a little girl, D, around my age, and this little girl had long straight hair like a northern European with blue eyes, pink skin, both of her parents were black. Matter of fact, everyone in her family was black except for her and she was not blind. I met a white man a few years ago who said to me, “I use to work throughout the Caribbean and there are these sunshine children.” I asked him what are sunshine children, he said white children born to black people. Family friends in Toronto one with brown complexion and the other was dark brown, gave birth to a “European” type Albino. My own father and his entire family would be classified as a partial Albinos according to, http://realhistoryww.com/world_history/ancient/Misc/By_the_bones.htm and there are different types of Albinism. The preceding site is maintained by legitimate black researchers and not the ones paid to uphold Albino hegemony and fantasy history.

      The European type Albinos are using lies and trickery to convince the world that they are specially made by nature to be superior. When these European type Albinos realized that they are just black people with pale skin and there is no such thing as a superior race, they had to create a an alternate reality for themselves because the truth is too much to bear. And how do they treat this truth, they go into denial get violent and resort to name calling because they want to be the only one who belongs to the human race and classify everyone, especially, black people as being sub-human. Liken this unto a child who says to his parents, “I am not nothing like you. I don’t want to be like you.” Yes, black people hold the parent DNA to all so called races.

      Don’t feel threatened Albinos, unlike you, we the original hue-mans are not revealing this because we want to feel superior but the truth must be told.

      One love

      1. Thanks! I am a curious albino and believe your research. I was looking into whether TWA people were seen as leprechauns in Ireland as one Facebook story reported. Africa is the past for all of us. Africa is the future too! One love…

        1. Margaret – I absolutely agree with you. I was researching ancient history of the Celts, and EVERYTHING (DNA, language, dance, spirituality, art, mythology) kept leading back to ‘Mother’ Africa (but this knowledge has been suppressed from the public and erased from the memory of the ‘99%’). All wars in the world have their root cause in white male supremacy (‘womb envy’ of the Mitochondrial Eve – ‘the 10000th great grandmother’ of every human alive today). Professor Lucia Chiavola-Birnbaum, of Berkeley University, is convinced that when white people start to wake up to the true facts (Afrocentric history and genetics), all wars will cease…

      2. Well stated!
        All white researchers don’t try to edit their legitimate findings.
        Too many honest scientists are doing DNA research and are refuting earliar research
        false findings.Research on the same Africa study samples should produce the same results
        We each have to look at a multitude of research findings to find African haplogroup truth. Available, requiring a lot of seeking & reading.Researchers today,in general ,in my opinion,are more ethical than the mostly biased Whites of the past.
        However,truth will continue to be contaminated by racism until earth ends,just as ,the Bible tells us that ” the poor will be with us always”.

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