Black Genes White Skin: Black Couple Makes A White Baby – Oguejiofo Annu

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A Nigerian Igbo couple from the Eastern segment of that country, living in England has given birth to a white, blue-eyed blonde baby.

Baby Nmachi Ihegboro has amazed genetics experts who say the little girl is “not an albino…”

Dad Ben, 44, a customer services adviser,and Mum Angela, 35, of Woolwich, South London, were surprised beyond words at the apparently genetic flip they have created. “We both just sat there after the birth staring at her for ages – not saying anything.” The father narrated.

Mum calls baby a gift. She said: “She’s beautiful – a miracle baby.” The baby’s older brothers and sisters are all normal black African children.

Rasta Livewire has yet to confirm whether this incident is for real or a mistake that apparently occurred in the maternity section.

Blue-eyed blonde Nmachi, whose name means “Beauty of God” in the Nigerian couple’s homeland, has baffled genetics experts because neither Ben nor wife Angela have ANY mixed-race family history.

Pale genes skipping generations before cropping up again could have explained the baby’s appearance, just that the family has no mixed race antecedents.

Genetics tests will need be run on the child to confirm relatedness to both sides of the family. However, the new dad is very trusting of his wife’s fidelity. “My wife is true to me. Even if she hadn’t been, the baby still wouldn’t look like that.

Doctors at Queen Mary’s Hospital in Sidcup – where Angela, from nearby Woolwich, gave birth – have told the parents Nmachi is definitely no albino. Further testing will need to be done before a definitive assessment can be made.

Professor Bryan Sykes, head of Human Genetics at Oxford University and Britain’s leading expert, yesterday called the birth “extraordinary”.


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25 thoughts on “Black Genes White Skin: Black Couple Makes A White Baby – Oguejiofo Annu”

  1. Those are all three beautiful children! Their little boy looks a lot like my youngest son did when we was little. The baby looks like a little porcelain doll! I think the baby has a different look than any biracial baby I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen many. As an adoptive mother, I have a biracial son, a biracial daughter and a black son. I also have three biracial grandchildren. One of them is a blue-eyed blond with pink skin, like his mom, but his dad’s very unique nose and dimples.

    This little girl’s features don’t look European, to me, just her coloring. The amount of curl in her hair is in the range for a newborn of African descent. It will be much curlier when she gets older. I don’t think the mother was having a fling with a white guy. I think it’s just a fluke. Genetics can be very interesting. I know a family where the parents both have brown hair and medium complexions, but have five children, all with carrot top red hair, very pale complexions and freckles. Neither parent knows of anyone in their extended families who have looked like their children. You just never know.

    What is important is that this is obviously a very loving family.

  2. The baby is albino. This happens all the time. The woman didn’t cheat bc the baby more than likely would’ve looked mix. Whites were created by albinos and the tamahu thru a skin graphing technique used by Dr. Yakub and his followers. The tamahu was really a group of savage neanderthals from Europe. But if all determines that without a doubt that the baby is Caucasian and not albino that would alter history itself. The baby is albino, don’t let them win and take everything we got. Don’t they have enough….

  3. To solve the problem, let us see the picture of the baby when she is 2 or 3 yrs old. If her hair remains naturally soft and curly or thick we can tell whether or not she is an Albino or white.

  4. Not entirely albino. The eyes have color though upon reading I have found there are various levels of albinism that can leave the eyes a blue-grey. So it is hardly a “miracle baby”. Though a complete genome scan could answer the question. And those afflicted with albinism have other abnormalities of vision which isn’t seen in so called Caucasians. Melanin density is all part of humanity’s adjustment to where ever they have been living from the poles to the equator. One of our strengths as a race of beings.

    The use of “races” in relation to minor variations of the same species (race) came about in the 17th century when the rise of black slavery, white maritime empires and white controlled science from those same empires when global Capitalism with it produced heavily biased human classification and the formation of the idea of human “races” just by appearance alone. And that the lightest ones considered themselves blessed with “superior biology” to all other people and by classifying them as separate races has messed things up since.
    Cats and dogs are different races but dogs of all bred types and wolves are of the same race. See?

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