Black Genes White Skin: Black Couple Makes A White Baby – Oguejiofo Annu

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A Nigerian Igbo couple from the Eastern segment of that country, living in England has given birth to a white, blue-eyed blonde baby.

Baby Nmachi Ihegboro has amazed genetics experts who say the little girl is “not an albino…”

Dad Ben, 44, a customer services adviser,and Mum Angela, 35, of Woolwich, South London, were surprised beyond words at the apparently genetic flip they have created. “We both just sat there after the birth staring at her for ages – not saying anything.” The father narrated.

Mum calls baby a gift. She said: “She’s beautiful – a miracle baby.” The baby’s older brothers and sisters are all normal black African children.

Rasta Livewire has yet to confirm whether this incident is for real or a mistake that apparently occurred in the maternity section.

Blue-eyed blonde Nmachi, whose name means “Beauty of God” in the Nigerian couple’s homeland, has baffled genetics experts because neither Ben nor wife Angela have ANY mixed-race family history.

Pale genes skipping generations before cropping up again could have explained the baby’s appearance, just that the family has no mixed race antecedents.

Genetics tests will need be run on the child to confirm relatedness to both sides of the family. However, the new dad is very trusting of his wife’s fidelity. “My wife is true to me. Even if she hadn’t been, the baby still wouldn’t look like that.

Doctors at Queen Mary’s Hospital in Sidcup – where Angela, from nearby Woolwich, gave birth – have told the parents Nmachi is definitely no albino. Further testing will need to be done before a definitive assessment can be made.

Professor Bryan Sykes, head of Human Genetics at Oxford University and Britain’s leading expert, yesterday called the birth “extraordinary”.


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25 thoughts on “Black Genes White Skin: Black Couple Makes A White Baby – Oguejiofo Annu”

  1. First: compare DNA. That will eliminate that the infant wasn’t switched in hospital at birth.That also will eliminate the possibility of the infant having a (oops) white biological father. THEN the mystery of the coloring of the black baby girl can be investigated if the parents don’t/can’t accept their daughter as she is.

  2. This Idren, is a testament to Jah’s overstanding wisdom and power, and yet the mention of “black” and “white” and “albino” slithers its way into this humble creation. See it, wise up and accept the Creator’s masterpiece. For HIM state,
    Much Love and Respect

  3. Why are people arguing about blacks with a white skin, lol? This has ALWAYS been part of Africa. This is why science need to be more open about genetic mutation, then it wouldn’t be such a mystery to many people. Blacks do not specificly need European ancestry to look white or whatever. Genetic mutation has always been there (albinism). Since Africans were the first people on this planet, it’s obvious that all people inhered there looks/apperances from Africans. The first Indians did come from Africa and migrated to India. The black Indians got Albino children. Those children couldn’t stand the heat, so they travelled/migrated to Europe. And those folks are the Europeans now. The Europeans from nowadays got some pigmentation through admixture, that’s why they’re not considered albinos. If you don’t believe me, go to, type “Indian albino” and search for the pics and then judge. I’m a chemical engineer, so I know what I’m talking about ;-D

    God bless you everyone! 🙂

  4. This child has smooth, un-crimped hair. She looks like the mother, but not the father. The family lives in England. Now if this happened in Nigeria, in a black community with no whites around, that would be a different story. It’s pretty obvious the baby is a product of infidelity, and Dad doesn’t want to believe it.

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