African Roots Of China

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Africans launched Chinese civilisation
By Nsaka Sesepkekiu
Student of African and Asian Studies
Faculty of Humanities
University of the West Indies
Trinidad and Tobago

Whenever we hear the term “Chinese” we often associate the word with short slanted eyed people who can fight kung fu. With the recent celebration of establishment of the People’s Republic of China, I wish not only to congratulate them but also to add some insight into their history.

The original, first, native, primitive inhabitants of China were black Africans who arrived there about 100,000 years ago and dominated the region until a few thousand years ago when the Mongol advance into that region began. These Africans who fled the Mongol onslaught can still be found in South East Asia and the Pacific Islands misnomered Nigritos or “small black men.” The Agta of the Philippines is one such example. Indeed archeology, forensic and otherwise confirm that China’s first two dynasties, the Xia and the Ch’ang/Sh’ang, were largely Black African with an Australoid, called “Madras Indian” or “Chamar” in Trinidad, present in small percentages. These Africans would carry an art of fighting developed in the Horn of Africa into China which today we call martial arts: Tai Chi, Kung fu and Tae Kwon Do. Even the oracle of the I-Ching came with a later African group, the Akkadians of Babylon.

Around 500 BCE an African living in India called Gautama would establish a religion called Buddhism which would come to dominate Chinese thought. Any one who is in doubt should consult Geoffrey Higgins’s Anacalypsis, Albert Churchward’s Origin and development of Religions, Gerald Massey’s Egypt the Light of the World, Riunoko Rashidi’s African Presence in Early Asia and J A Roger’s Sex and Race Vol 1. Many Africans survived the Mongol invasion into the twentieth century only to be exterminated by Chairman Mao’s programme of Cultural cleansing. Under this programme millions of Africans and Afro-Asians were killed from 1951-1956. Contribute we still did, giving the People’s Republic of China its first Chief Minister in the name of Eugene Chen, a Trinidadian of George Street, Port-of-Spain, who was of an African mother and a Chinese father.

For further reading on this individual one should consult J A Rogers’ World’s Great Men of Colour Vol I. So next time the word China or Chinese is mentioned remember that Africans played a pivotal role in launching what is called Chinese civilisation, if such a thing exists.

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38 thoughts on “African Roots Of China”

  1. I had no idea that Buddhism was founded by an African. That’s amazing to me and I’m wondering why I’m a senior in college and am just now knowing about this. It just goes to show that we cannot rely on our educational system to teach us real history.

  2. I was shocked to find that Africa took part in Asia. I had never heard that they genetically tested that they were there.

  3. i’m 19yrs old and i’ve never heard of such information. is there a reason why such things are kept away from us? sometimes i wonder why we pay such money going to school when we arent informed about our true origin

  4. Just remember that history is written by those who won…just take a look at the “Black History” literature in your history textbooks…how much did they explain about the Tuskeegee airmen?

  5. I thought that reading was extremely interesting reguardless if it is truth to it or not. The point is to just keep an open mind to any kind of possibility just in case there is one. People need to stop being judemental to everything because they were not even there. Just say I dont know and gather all the information and education that you can get. HUNGRY FOR KNOWLEDGE AND POWER!

  6. I wish to say to those who claim that there is no truth in what I say’before you criticise seek first to analyse that which you do not understand’. I am presently pursuing my PhD at the University of Cambridge where I just completed my M.Phil. What I have learned while there is that we, blacks, Africans or Negroes as we so fondly refer to ourselves are so afraid of who we are that we accept whatever is told to us even when it betrays all commonsense and the evidence is so overwhelming. Well if you wish to check it up read a WHITE brotha called Harris who wrote a book called ‘The African Presence in Early Asia'” or G. Higgin’s “Anacalypsis”. I also wish to say that it is rediculous of Africans in the west to claim that Africans do not like them. I have made many African friends and some who have hated me but it was no different from the white response yet we make all efforts to be in their company. It is no different from our island tribalism where Trini’s do not like small-islanders. One wise person once said “he who knows not and knows not he knows not is a fool, disregard him”

    1. Hello , I know I’m a couple of years late with this post but I was wondering if you have anymore info on how the I Ching got into China. Many people think the I ching came from China but it most certainly did not. Any info you could provide me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  7. DNA test have been done. Search for it in National Geographic. Look at the Adamese and Jarawa of the Bay of Bengal or simply google “Negritos” and see what comes up. Look up the Agta for example. Also see the Khoi-Khoi of South Africa who have YELLOW skin and SLANTED eyes.

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