African Roots Of China

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Africans launched Chinese civilisation
By Nsaka Sesepkekiu
Student of African and Asian Studies
Faculty of Humanities
University of the West Indies
Trinidad and Tobago

Whenever we hear the term “Chinese” we often associate the word with short slanted eyed people who can fight kung fu. With the recent celebration of establishment of the People’s Republic of China, I wish not only to congratulate them but also to add some insight into their history.

The original, first, native, primitive inhabitants of China were black Africans who arrived there about 100,000 years ago and dominated the region until a few thousand years ago when the Mongol advance into that region began. These Africans who fled the Mongol onslaught can still be found in South East Asia and the Pacific Islands misnomered Nigritos or “small black men.” The Agta of the Philippines is one such example. Indeed archeology, forensic and otherwise confirm that China’s first two dynasties, the Xia and the Ch’ang/Sh’ang, were largely Black African with an Australoid, called “Madras Indian” or “Chamar” in Trinidad, present in small percentages. These Africans would carry an art of fighting developed in the Horn of Africa into China which today we call martial arts: Tai Chi, Kung fu and Tae Kwon Do. Even the oracle of the I-Ching came with a later African group, the Akkadians of Babylon.

Around 500 BCE an African living in India called Gautama would establish a religion called Buddhism which would come to dominate Chinese thought. Any one who is in doubt should consult Geoffrey Higgins’s Anacalypsis, Albert Churchward’s Origin and development of Religions, Gerald Massey’s Egypt the Light of the World, Riunoko Rashidi’s African Presence in Early Asia and J A Roger’s Sex and Race Vol 1. Many Africans survived the Mongol invasion into the twentieth century only to be exterminated by Chairman Mao’s programme of Cultural cleansing. Under this programme millions of Africans and Afro-Asians were killed from 1951-1956. Contribute we still did, giving the People’s Republic of China its first Chief Minister in the name of Eugene Chen, a Trinidadian of George Street, Port-of-Spain, who was of an African mother and a Chinese father.

For further reading on this individual one should consult J A Rogers’ World’s Great Men of Colour Vol I. So next time the word China or Chinese is mentioned remember that Africans played a pivotal role in launching what is called Chinese civilisation, if such a thing exists.

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  1. I have again been reading and stumbled upon this site in my search for information. Many of you are surprised by the lack of information provided through the education systems. You must rememer that the goal is misinformation, destruction of self image and power over that help keep a people down. History is written from the perspective of the controlling powers. Listen to the history of the oppressed, note the differences. You must not simply accept what is handed to you as fact… you must learn to question, challenge and seek out truth. You have an accountability to educate yourself about who we are as Black people, or you will never know the true strength, knowledge and beauty that we come from. We will only be given the negative images for our children to emulate and destroy themselves. Gather your information from more than one source, look around at the world, travel, see the influence of African roots in the world.

  2. i wish you had chosen your words more carefully, you are representing UWI — but not very well. We don’t need any more divisions and racism.

    1. Nomad-Mohammed13

      If you got nothing valuable to contribute then it is better you keep that cesspit of yours shut!


  3. I m really not convinced by this article.

    The article suggests China was populated by humans 100 thousand years ago?

    Where is the genetic or archaelogical evidence to support this?

    This claim does not tie in to the dates of our most recent common ancestors.

    Why cant we just be proud of our own sub saharan African civilisations? Ancient Mali, Songhai, Ancient Ghana, Kush, Nubia, Zulu etc etc.

    China could get stuffed for all I care

  4. Hey African brothers,U are black,tall,handsome and strong.Moreover you got that shit the ladies appreciate…In a word u are blesed…

    Above all how can a dwarf talk down on you,was he looking up to you while talking….hahaha it doesnt make sense

  5. Thanks for this resource.
    Geneticists agree that Chinese origins are African. – – >

    Also, the correct titles are:
    – Origin and evolution of Religions
    – Ancient Egypt the Light of the World

    I think this article says development instead of evolution in the first title. The second title left off the Ancient

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