Voodoo Chants By Nwa-Amadi Omeife Jideofo

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Voodoo Chants

“In Voodoo you learn not to become close with the God, rather, in Voodoo one becomes the God!”


In Voodoo you do not have to read any books inspired by the Holy Spirit rather in Voodoo you become the Holy Spirit.”

Voodoo teaches not prayer alone, Voodoo also teaches possession of the Force and possession by the All pervading Force.”


When you live as Voodoo you do not have to die to be with the Gods and the angels, rather as Voodoo you live in life everlasting with the Gods and the angels.”


When one knows the Voodoo as was demonstrated by the Healer of Nasra, one becomes one with the All.  And then one can chant the same chantings as our Master Voodoo Healer chanted 2,000 years ago….


I am the God within the God

the goodness of the God

the joyful spirit of God

I am the Son of God, once seen always known!

He that seeth I seeth the father

And he that seeth the father seeth I

Indeed, I and the father are One!


And verily I say unto ye, that

Ye too are the children of God

Gods within the God

the Spirits of God

Neteru Nebolisa!

He that seeth ye seeth the father

And he that seeth the father seeth ye;

Lo, verily ye and the father are One!


I am the God within the God

I am the temple of holiness

I am yet, the holiness of that temple

I was conceived in the womb of my Mother

By the resurgent forces of the Morning Dawn.


I am the God contained within the God!

The resurgent forces of the morning dawn, embodied.

I live in the womb of the holy Mother, always safe and secure.

I am she and she is I, once seen always known.

I am God in the God

the holiness in the holy temple

I am God, I am God, I am the Gods!!!


Nwa-Amadi Omeife Jideofo

January 10, 2007



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7 thoughts on “Voodoo Chants By Nwa-Amadi Omeife Jideofo”

  1. teach on brother! teach on!! let the fire of African mysteries burn and purify the lost and melt down the bigots. I am a witness, I am God, look at me! NEBEOLISA!

  2. isnt this really bad religion wise because u r saying that u r god which isnt true

  3. This would not be consistent with the true belief of Jah as the one true God. But I don’t think this is what is being said here. So I will not be harsh on this brother who speaks. It is metaphorical speech, a poetry of kind. If you really understand the truth, we are always all one with Jah. Jah is only one truth. Just the fraility of our human misunderstanding let’s us see ourselves as different from Jah. We never have been nor ever will be different from Jah, we are his living spirit. Jah never sees us as different from him.

  4. Everyone who is replying is living off of what they have been taught or heard for years. History teaches us the truth. The further we go back the more the truth is discovered. But I’ll be one of the 1st people to tell someone to go with what makes you feel comfortable and secure. To the Brother who, wrote this as a form of guidance to a lost people who were stripped of their identities during Slavery, peace and blessing in abundance.

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