A Message to the Black Woman

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A message to the Black n Brown Woman

Thunder and storm will rage and calm
material prosperity shall rise and fall,
even the world will pass away
but righteousness shall live forever
love and kindness will be forever
study and realize your right priorities!

Brown woman, my sister many things worry
and trouble you
but only one thing is needful…
and that is finding the love in your soul.
For the sun will go down
and the moon will grow dim:
but love and kindness shall be with forever…
the compassions of the mother shall endure forever.

Don’t let them fool you,
human glory is but dust and ashes,
in the heat of midday
they wither like blighted flowers.

And there is nothing better than love
nothing greater than your multiplication;
nothing could survive without motherly devotion,
nothing is worthwhile without beauty.
Rather take a handful with quietness
than two-hands full with much strife
and chasing after the wind.

So my precious sister,
though many unnecessary matters
distract you and trouble you,
yet, only one is needful…
and that is findng the Goddess in your heart.

For the sun will set
and the moon will dim,
Every material prosperity shall
return to rust and rot.
But the gift of love
shall ever be fresh,
and the power of beauty
ever magnetic,
learn now and realize your priorities…
My beautiful sisters!

Jide Uwechia
1999 (c)

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