The Song Bird

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The Song Bird

When they shall ask of you
what you own in life,
You shall say unto them:
All things belong to Jah
her everlasting love is my hope.

I have a song in my mouth
I have love in my soul
In the morning I the song bird sing praises
to the dazzling beauty of the eastern sun.

Yet I shall testify
that I came to this world empty
but I was filled with plenty.
I did not bring a farthing,
but in each and every season,
there was nectar, honey and laughter.

Life is a pleasant lesson,
it comes of the goodness of Jah-I.
All is the abundance of his mercies
the evidence of her unending love.

And I is a song bird,
high up on a hemp plant,
singing still and again to the world
“that freedom is the greatest wealth
and wisdom surpasses silver and gold.”

Give with love, my children,
for you have received much from love,
focus on compassion, and joy shall surely come.
By the signs of his presence, by the different fruits
of each recurring seasons,
devoted souls shall come to savour
the different flavours
of her everlasting compassion.

Yes when they shall inquire of I
What I own in life
I shall say to them,
I have Jah-I,
I am heavier than lead.

Jideofo Uwechia
1999(c) Redacted 2009.

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