What is Rastafari?

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What is Rastafari?

Rasta is the natural traditions
of the ancient one of creation;
Rasta is the guardian of the traditions,
natural man, natural mystic vibrations
black heart man of the hills
full of wisdom and gentleness!

What is Rasta?

Rasta is love, Rasta is natural living
right livity, true life everliving.
Rasta is oneness with the environment
because Rasta is earthical**,
artical* and mystical.

Rasta is a brotherhood of man
sisterhood of womanity,
coming from the dawn of time;
it is the bond of unconditional love
essential to any notion of community.

Rastafari is the blessed name of the King of Ethiopia
Crowned in 1930, his title is the king of kings,
Conquering lion of the tribe of Judah, the one,
revealed in the mystical book of Revelations,
Emperor Haile Selassie I.

Ras-ta-fari spells Ras
for Ra the ancient King of Ta-muria
who lives forever in the Sun;
Ta-fari spells Ta,
for Ptah, the old father of Ta-seti,
Zion, the land of the human lions;
And fari spells Fari, for the Feron,
the King of the two lands,
kings of the north and the south.

Rasta is white, black and brown
all playing and dancing around
like the beautiful flowers of the earthly gardens;

Rasta is good food, a good song, a living blessing,
Rasta is good thoughts, good talk, and good actions
Rastafari is the act of modulating
the cellular protoplasma,
and changing its frequency to positive vibrations.

Jide Uwechia
July 2009


** Earthical means earthly.
*artical means resourcefulness

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