Oguejiofo Annu – The Deacons: Armed Resistance in the Civil Right Movement

A secret militia of armed black men ready to defend themselves in those white-supremacy hey days of the 1950s and 1960s.

Does it sound fantastic?

But this is true history. The civil right movement was not won on a platter of gold. It did not come about due to the inherent goodness of the so-called white political class who engineered the oppression of black people in the first place. read more

The Original Black Spaniards, Black Irish and Black English population: the Silures, the Iberians and the Mauris

First here is Tacitus, a eye witness who saw and engaged with the early inhabitants of Britain.

Tacitus: Agricola Book 1

Who were the original inhabitants of Britain, whether they were indigenous or foreign, is, as usual among barbarians, little known. Their physical characteristics are various, and from these conclusions may be drawn. The red hair and large limbs of the inhabitants of Caledonia point clearly to a German origin. The dark complexion of the Silures, their usually curly hair, and the fact that Spain is the opposite shore to them, are an evidence that Iberians of a former date crossed over and occupied these parts. Those who are nearest to the Gauls are also like them, either from the permanent influence of original descent, or, because in countries which run out so far to meet each other, climate has produced similar physical qualities. But a general survey inclines me to believe that the Gauls established themselves in an island so near to them. read more

The time is ripe for an African Standby Force

THE relative success of the Africa Union (AU) peacekeeping mission in Somalia (AMISOM) is a clear indication that regional driven peacekeeping missions can be successful. Moreso, successful regional peacekeeping missions have been undertaken in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Lesotho in the recent past. But the challenge, it appears, is the difference between the time an insurgency is started and the time it takes for the regional forces to intervene, Xinhua stated in a special report yesterday. read more